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Keep your cool in the garden

The outdoor lifestyle is gaining ground in countries across the globe, with numerous homeowners figuring out ways of keeping the summer sun at bay. What you want is a green sanctuary emanating cool and comfort even in the heat of summer. Sun’s harsh rays are not welcome in your soothing oasis, unless they diffuse through the billowing fabric. The good news is that there are many ways to incorporate the shade in the garden and make the most out of the warm season.

Snuggling up the fabrics

Permanent structures such as garages and houses cast the deepest shade, alas, that is not the case in many gardens. On the brighter note, you have a wide array of solutions at your disposal, and many of them do not cost an arm and a leg and do not take forever to set up. What is more, versatile features create a feeling of enclosure, preserving the much-needed privacy. So, first off, those seeking for an easy way to maintain cool should opt for good old umbrellas.

Adding them to the patio or garden is a no-brainer, as they come in a variety of color and styles. Basically, you cannot go wrong, and even if you do, the umbrella’s portability allows easy relocation. Whether you would like to summon a retro charm with a big umbrella or use the mini ones to spark attention, the options for personalizing the space are virtually endless. As a general rule of thumb, the color should set the tone for the visual appeal of the garden and complement other outdoor features.

Furthermore, one of the best tactics to provide temporary shade to the garden is putting shade sails to good use. This is another inexpensive option, which requires concrete or metal structures mounted to the side of the structural elements. The cloth is easily attached and removed from freestanding posts, just bear in mind that moisture-resistant fabric is a must. One may go for single color or overlap different tones and achieve a livelier look. Regardless of personal taste, the sheltered patio will bless you with countless hours of outdoor lounging.

Nature’s embrace

The spectacle of vines growing overhead gives birth to a unique outdoor shelter. They can fit any aesthetics, and depending on the growing conditions, gardeners are able to choose from hundreds of vines. Evergreen clematis is the cream of the crop, shielding you with its deep-green leaves throughout the year, and showing star-shaped flowers in the spring. Now, notice that some vines, when left unattended, can turn into real garden thugs, capable of destroying roof gutters and deck railings.

Thus, let your green fingers do their magic regularly, and give the plants a sturdy structure to grow on. Vines can, for example, flourish at the base of the fence, and make their way to the top. Also, remember that deep shade does not have to impede your efforts to pull together a lush garden. Both perennials (Hosta, ferns, Astilbe) and annuals (Wax Begonias, Mimulus, Coelus) are able to thrive in the shade, adding splashes of color to your outdoor space.

So, in order to make an informed decision about the appropriate types of plants, access whether you have a partial shade and sun, with three or more hours of sunlight per day, or a full shade, which means that the sunlight does not last for more than three hours. Finally, as a focal point, consider installing a striking water feature and ensure that the rejuvenating presence of this natural element, which emits the refreshing coolness even in the hottest of days.

Cool and the gang

A stunning garden or a patio is a dream come true for many homeowners. Apart from the lack of vision or motivation, there is nothing stopping you from setting a magnificent stage for outdoor activities. With elements such as shades, vines, curtains and sails, you will be able to immerse in a favorite novel, drift away to the dreamland, or hang out with friends and family. So, open up for outdoor living, and do not let the sun and heat spoil the cool party.

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