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Why videos are important for every property agent!


It is not uncommon to state that nowadays listing videos have become one of the most powerful marketing tools for the real estate market. They are not only appreciated by real estate clients, but, in fact, are considered a must-have!

Before trying to sell real estate, a fact is certain – you firstly need to have the know-how! With this in mind, we can all agree that building a professional brand in the online environment is no easy task. Otherwise said, as a property agent, it is imperative to use a wide range of tools that all together can get you and your listings to stand out from the crowd. So, having listing videos or videos on your website is not something uncommon anymore, but on the contrary…

Thus, there is no doubt that professional photos are compulsory when talking about marketing a property, but most of the times this is not enough – you need to add videos too, that is to say, quality videos. And how can you wrap them all in the same product – virtual tours are the answer! But, now you’ll probably wondering – Can I shoot the videos myself? Don’t worry – you’ll get the grip on things once you start; the beginning is always difficult…

Take a look at the following article and discover how a real estate video can actually help you!

How can a property agent benefit from a listing video?

Statistics point out that the listing videos and listings with virtual tours get three times more views than an ordinary property. Simply put, making sure you’re not missing out essential information can really ease up your entire work. Let’s study the problem in-depth!

If you are too a property agent looking for ways to improve your marketing strategy, here are the main benefits!

As more and more real estate specialists state – a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million… Why is that? Well, in short, they grab attention and they provide more information in the same amount of time!

Just ask yourself ‘what are people most likely to share – a video or a plain text?’ The answer is obvious, videos are entertaining, informative and engaging as well!

Videos are a genuine marketing tool and there are not optional anymore for a property agent. Not only that videos showcase your business image to potential clients, but they can also be that triggering point every specialist seeks. Take things to the next level and shoot a video for yourself.

From another point of view, videos can actually persuade your audience; think about it – not only that you market your listings, but you also market yourself at the same time! And as you know – the brand is one of the most important things in real estate… Hint: To build a professional image and impress your audience you can use virtual tours to market your listings and have videos, photos and contact details, all in one link!

A strong online presence creates new leads, while new leads can get you the successful career you have forever wanted. Why have real estate videos? Because clients are now more receptive to them than ever…

Videos can be the key to your audience!

All in all, being ready to invest time and money in building your brand, guarantees a better online presence and a stronger business image too. Thus, there is no doubt when stating that both virtual tours and videos should be part of your marketing strategy too… So don’t waste no more time – the right tools can get you the right results!

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