Selling a property fast and without too many problems involves certain steps you need to take, particular rules to respect and several critical mistakes to avoid. In other words, no matter how much you think the value of your property is, it will only receive the price the buyer is willing to pay for it.    

Getting over the emotional mistakes most first-time sellers tend to make is crucial, it is actually the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity!

The common saying – ‘Home is where the heart is!’ gets a totally other sense when you want to become a seller. Keeping the house in play involves seeing it as a product for sale, therefore you need to make your emotions not be part of the game. For this to happen, avoid the following mistakes and most of all listen to your real estate agent! He/she is the support you require!

Emotional mistakes that can ruin your real estate transaction!

Making mistakes when selling your property may indeed cost you more than a dollar in your pocket. Every market has its ups and downs, and knowing the exact moment you need to take action is essential. However, a fact is certain – making the following mistakes dramatically decreases your chances of success!

In short, in this booming market, these mistakes can actually cost you the sale! Think about it, there are other similar properties on the market too, that you have to compete against. Give your buyers sufficient reasons to persuade them that your property is the best on the market; this should be your main concern!

Here are the most common mistakes that can turn your buyers off, together with some tips and tricks that may make the difference in the end!

  • Too emotionally attached to the property

So, first of all, when you want to sell a property you need to make sure this is really what you want, then you should let your feelings aside, that’s for sure. There is no room for personal emotions in a real estate transaction. Otherwise, there are serious chances the entire process will suffer.

It’s true, selling a property may be indeed an emotional stage in one’s life, but swallow your feelings and get down to business if you want everything to go smoothly and fast!real estate seller mistake

  • Take the matter too personally

A low offer is not at all an offense, even though some sellers may perceive it like this. Don’t take matters too personally, every buyer out there struggles to get the best deal for him/her. This does not mean that your property doesn’t look as awesome and welcoming as you may think. Here, it pays to be a little bit cold blooded!

Don’t reject or ignore buyers who are willing to pay less than you expect, emphasize on the property’s advantages. Some of them are willing to make sacrifices to get what they want and are just testing the ground.

  • Unrealistic negotiation

This mistake almost goes without saying, however, it is still all too common nowadays among newbie sellers. Getting over your pride is essential in order to be able to let the agent act in your own interest. Ignoring an offer because you may think there is another one waiting around the corner is a serious ‘No-No’!

  • Hire an inexperienced real estate agent

Having the right team of individuals by your side is a must, taking into account that you are a newbie around here. You need the right type of guidance and counselling in order not to regret the decision later on. Making a smart choice has a lot to do with the type of advice you receive.

  • Ask an exaggerated price

Don’t let good deals pass by just because you have put a price you think is fair. Consult your real estate agent and make a smart move taking into account the current condition of the market.

In what concerns the price you ask for your property, there is no room for errors. Why? Well, one of the criteria after which people select properties is the asking price. Give your agent room to do his/her job and stay as objective as possible!

  • Fail to show the house in top condition

Top of buyers turn off lists is clutter, dirt or a bad odor. Why waste your chances to sell your home when you can present it in the best possible shape. Thoroughly clean the house and make it look great every day of the week and not only during open houses or scheduled visits. This may simplify things for you!

But forever keep in mind – how you decorate to live and how you get prepared for sale, are totally two different things!

  • Display your personal pride collections

Remove all personal touches, you won’t be needing every room screaming all around about your tastes. Setting your house ready for a visitor it’s like preparing it to make a great first-time impression. Make sure your home smells nice and fresh and that it is neat and clean. More than that, you should take down all trophies, personal photos or diplomas. Take into account every little detail that may scare off your buyers; just make them feel like being at home!

  • Ignore your Realtor’s opinion

If you hire such a specialist, you should trust him/her, let them do what they know best and don’t interfere too much. Discuss every problem that arises and be open-minded, after all they are there to make the transaction go smoother!

  • Bad maintenance

real estate turns buyers offNothing can go worse when trying to sell your home, than expecting a visitor with filthy floors or mess all around the place. On the contrary, move-in condition properties are the ones that statistically speaking are going to sell faster!

Hint: clean the house, even in that areas you think no one will look at! Be prepared for curious visitors to!

  • Nosy owners

Oh sure, there is another category of homeowners that cannot detach themselves from the matter and want to take part in any activity concerning the selling of the house, including an Open House. Well, think twice because it might not be such a good idea after all – no visitor likes having the owner following them around at every step and making unsolicited comments.

  • The temperature inside the house

The temperature inside the house must be optimal while you have visitors touring your house. If it is too cold or too hot people may be wondering if the heating or the cooling system works properly or not. Don’t raise unnecessary question marks; you wouldn’t want people say – ‘It’s really cold, I want to get out of here as fast as I can!’

  • A pool, only for a certain category of buyers

Even though having a pool is an eye-catching house feature that some buyers are willing to pay extra for, unfortunately not all buyers have the same opinion. Why is that? Well, the main reason is because pools are very expensive to maintain and also potentially dangerous for families with children. It can get to be that turn off you never expected! Of course, the solution to outline this key tool when advertising it should eliminate those buyers that are not attracted to the idea of having such a feature. So, don’t worry about this too much, there is nothing you can do about it, but to make sure your viewers know that the property has an amazing pool.

The first impression is the only impression

All in all, it can be very difficult to let go of a property where you had memories. However, once you take this decision, there is no turning back. Get a real estate agent to support you throughout this experience and let him/her take care of the rest. Try to interfere as little as you can in the process and make sure the property is in a great shape that all buyers are willing to pay for.

The first impression is the only impression! So, do everything you can, to make visitors remember your property in a good way. Decorate the house attentively and focus on creating and maintaining a homely ambiance.

Take into account that this is a multi-step process, so arm yourself with patience and persistence. It will all be over soon and with the right result if you take by your side an experienced real estate agent! Good luck!