There is no specific strategy when talking about selling a condo; it’s all about small details that do big things! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – a condo that looks clean, bright and that in the end impresses, will sell fast, it’s natural; but there is more – the way you present it also impacts the transaction!

Therefore, to make it easier for you, let’s discuss some of the most important things you need to do to sell your condo fast and with limited stress, and most importantly what you need to avoid at all costs. Here is some fresh information designed to blow away all those myths out there.

Simply put, small improvements will reduce the time you need to sell it. Here are some touch-ups that have a great impact! It’s better to find this out before you get down to business, it will give you a glimpse of this entire perspective. Selling your condo will turn out not to be that difficult after reading this and hiring the right real estate agent! Here is what you should know…

Condos for sale: Do’s and Don’ts that actually work

Knowledge is power, so studying the phenomenon in advance will break down what you should and shouldn’t do in the end. Getting on the right track from the beginning is important, but catching buyers’ eyes is vital! Minimize your risks by eliminating any unwanted mess – scrub, vacuum and declutter should be familiar!

But, let’s point out the essence! In order not to lose any opportunity here are some clues for you!

Condos for sale: Practical advice!

condos for sale dosDO hire a Realtor specialized in selling condos

Selling a condo involves more than you can actually think of, therefore starting with the proper guidance will do the trick. And how can you do this better than having a specialized real estate agent to help you and guide the entire process? Well, no matter how easy it appears to be, it’s better not to lose vital time from the beginning.

So, hiring a Realtor with experience in selling condos can be a true advantage for you as a homeowner. You will save both time and money. Remember – the faster you’ll sell the property the less money you’ll lose.

DO your research

As in any other real estate transaction, it doesn’t do you any harm to be informed and know in advance how the market behaves at that point of the year. Do your research and give your full interest, it may actually help you more than you can think of.

Check up your direct competition. What do they offer? What advantages does your place have in comparison to them? Once you know the answer it is time to speculate and discuss with your agent the strong points of the property. But, there is more, the market will also give you an essential hint – a suitable price. Remember – the right price is not the one you want, is the one that the buyer is ready to pay!

DO freshen up the place

Before having visitors inspect every inch of your place, please make sure it really is in a top shape. It is your chance to impress your visitors and persuade them it is the time to purchase your property. Hint – no one wants to enter a smelly place or an unattractive one.

Cozy bedspreads, new curtains, great towels or eye-catching shower curtains might just be your starting point. Your aim? No obstacles between buyers and the true curb appeal of the property.

DO price it right from the beginning

A perfect start will always have a huge impact on the entire timing of the sale, and on the other hand – a bad pricing will negatively affect the sale. How? The property will stay longer on the market and consequently influence future buyers as well – ‘It must have some problems if no one bought it by now!’. Some specialists even state that this is probably one of the vital steps of the entire transaction. So, don’t hustle and plan your actions wisely; your real estate agent will be of great help here!

Even though your condo may look off the charts, if the price is right then be sure there is a buyer out there for yours as well!

DO create the impression of open space

If you already moved to another place, then don’t let the house empty. The best thing you can do is to leave some furniture inside to ease the process for prospecting buyers – they need to see how different types of furniture fit inside.

From another point of view, you can turn this into your own favor – create the impression of open space, by clearing out excessive furniture. Instead, bring in mirrors to brighten the place and make it look even more spacious. But try not to exaggerate either…

DO check the rules

There might be some association or board rules you must be aware of when selling a condominium. Check the rules and see what is really allowed to do and what is not.

This is one of those things you simply cannot ignore, or you might be put in the situation of not being able to sell your property until you follow some strict guidelines. Spread the word among your neighbors, you never know when someone familiar will want to buy the property from you.

Do create dream areas

Make your visitors see themselves living there, and the best way to do this is by creating a welcoming environment. Don’t hesitate to use flowers, fresh fruits or candles to distress the areas. Think about it – visitors are probably looking for a place to live, so show them what they want to see.

DO enjoy the process

Get excited and enjoy the process, it may be the only time you’ll ever sell a condo. Learn how to do things from the early start and thus you’ll avoid uncomfortable situations. Even though this entire transaction may be challenging, it can also be pleasant.

Condos for sale: What should you avoid doing!

DON’T exaggerate on home improvements

You don’t want to overspend on home improvements, especially if you plan on selling your condo. However, don’t do the opposite either – you probably need to invest a small amount of money to redecorate the place or make it look more appealing to visitors. Ask your Realtor what he/she believes you should do to make it look more attractive, these tips will be your ‘life jacket’.

Hint: Home improvements may help increase your sale price, so the trick is to purchase a few things but with a powerful effect…condos for sale don'ts

DON’T forget about the small details

Light and plumbing should be on your main check list. You don’t want to make a bad impression with a malfunctioning bulb or a shower that doesn’t work. Check if everything is right before you have visitors in and out; this can actually make the difference in the end. And remember – if the property is in a move-in condition then your chances to actually sell it improve dramatically!

DON’T forget to mention all the features of the condo

You need to point out all the essential elements of the condo to sell it faster, that’s for sure. Whether you believe it or not, buyers actually select properties based on the available features, for instance a gym or a spa in the building, the access to a pool or to a club room, may just get to be the triggering point for a future buyer.

The access to amenities, the security of the place and the sense of the community are advantages to point out for condos!

DON’T forget to mention all the advantages

Let’s clear something out – your target audience is the one that gives you essential hints on how to sell your property faster. With that being said, it is clear that people who come to visit your property are attracted to all that comes along with the area itself, either that we talk about different facilities or other specific benefits – for instance: a high level of security, the idea to be part of a community or to be able to socialize with your neighbors and have a close bound.

DON’T ignore early offers

Even though you believe that you may get a better offer later on, don’t make an all too common mistake that you might regret later on. If the price is correct don’t lose any valuable time anymore, close the deal and enjoy the result.

DON’T get too excited

Be positive, but stay with your feet on the ground, unless you want to be disappointed. The time your condo will remain on the market cannot be predicted… Why? It depends on so many factors… Be open-minded and take each situation as it is…

DON’T count the days

Don’t rush things when you shouldn’t and don’t be too impatient. Take things as they are… You should know from the early beginning that this entire process takes time. There are no specific factors that point out how much it will all take. It depends…

Putting it all together, selling a condo can be as easy or difficult as it is to sell any other type of property. It depends on so many things that brought together can build your marketing strategy: the facilities available vs the rules of the community, the market trends vs your asking price.

Taking into account the way you plan to market them all, you can turn everything in your own favor. Complete the strategy with the above tips and at the end of the process, you’ll be a happy seller! Fingers crossed!