A growing number of realtors and conventional homeowners now have a “breakthrough” through the use of virtual tours. Property purchase in times past was met with hindrance in getting clear, pristine, and appealing images of properties to prospective buyers who cannot be physically present. Before the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the distance between a property’s location and that of buyers gave way for a virtual tour to bridge the gap.

Virtual tours

Simply put, a virtual tour is the use of high-quality images and videos to walk a buyer through a property without being physically present. In recent times, a considerable percentage of property owners made their acquisition on the Internet. For a fact, I must mention that out of this percentage, an ample number of them were encouraged to buy because of detailed visuals during a virtual tour. Are you looking to sell a home? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when making use of a virtual tour to engage buyers.

1. Use specific images and videos

That virtual tour has positive effects is not a green light to do it just anyhow. It must be appealing and detailed. I must say that videos are highly recommended to bring the sessions to life. However, pictures also do excellently well. For photos, always use the panoramic view to give the images a professional and alluring look.

virtual tour
As seen in the picture above, it’s easy to imagine oneself in this home than this one below.

Although both pictures have excellent clarity, the former looks more pristine and detailed. The same thing applies when making videos. Always use a landscape mode and endeavor to be as steady as possible to get smooth visuals. If possible, use a tripod, too. Most importantly, don’t rush and take your time to slowly move the camera around to capture the fantastic engineered hardwood and sparkling quartz countertops.

2. Repairs and cleaning

It’s never an excuse to leave a property unkempt or riddled with lots of eyesores that need repairs, even if you don’t leave in it. In my experience, a virtual tour allows a buyer to zoom in on every area of the house. And believe me, due to the high image quality, every blemish will be crystal clear. So, ensure to make all necessary repairs and clean dusty or rusty places. This also applies to the exterior; keep the lawn and flowers well-trimmed, ensure the garage door trim is well painted and fix wooden parts that need replacements.

3. Lightening, staging, and simple decoration  

Lightening is essential both in photography and video making. So, light up the house; switch every light on. It adds to the grandeur of the interior, making it more appealing.

Staging and decoration go together. To explain clearly, say there is a pool on the property, keep the area neat. Put towels, arrange the chairs and if there is an umbrella, open it up! And remember, always keep the decoration light. Remove unnecessary objects to keep the rooms less busy- allow a buyer to look at the images and imagine themselves in it. Remove the excess furniture, let the patio floor or​ engineered hardwood​ floor design be visible.  

4. Highlight outstanding features

For the exterior parts, the images should capture outstanding home features. For example, do not neglect the​ roof tile types​ installed on the house — pictures and videos should capture these and more.

virtual tour

5. Show the neighborhood and landmarks

Make your buyers feel at home while watching a video or swiping through pictures. I encourage capturing the nearest landmarks and other surrounding edifices. This allows the buyers to visualize schools, malls, and other service units nearby. Follow these simple tips to sell your home faster using a virtual tour successfully.