Having a comfortable tub in the bathroom is everyone’s dream. Perhaps that is why people are looking for modern and trendy designs to decorate their bathrooms with the most exquisite looking bathtubs. Recently, several innovations have been introduced in the bathtub structures, one of which was introducing the freestanding tubs. The freestanding tubs usually are free of any external fixtures or attachments, and hence, they are said to occupy much less space than other tubs. That is why there has been an increase in the demand for freestanding bathtubs in the market. But, choosing a proper tub is not easy, especially the freestanding one since it is the newest tub type, and not many people are aware of it. So, to ease the tension, we have put together some tips about how to make the perfect selection.

Where do you put the tub?

For installing the freestanding tub in your bathroom, the first thing you will have to do is decide the place where you want the tub to be placed. If your bathroom has a large window overlooking the outsides, you can set the tub right in front of the window opening for a nice view. You can also make a separate place to place the tub. To make the area look more beautiful, you can add pebbles around the tub’s floor.

What’s the best size?

Next, you need to decide the tub’s size that you want to install in your bathroom. For choosing the perfect dimension, there are certain factors that you need to think about.

Several users

If you want a family tub, you need a bigger size, while for a single user, the standard freestanding bath will be perfect.

Size of the bathroom

The tub’s size should be comparable to your bathroom’s size. If your washroom has an alleyway design, choose a medium-sized tub that can fit crossway in the alley. If the toilet has an ensuite size, you can go for the more oversized tubs.


Learn more about the types of freestanding bathtubs

Several types of freestanding bathtubs are there, which you can find in the market. Starting from the pedestal bathtubs to the roll tops, there are so many different styles that you can get for your bathroom. But here we will talk about some of the most famous styles out there.
The pedestal bathtubs have a pedestal base, which ensures that the tub is standing a little higher than the ground.
Slipper bathtubs have at least one side higher than the others. With a slipping slope, one can recline the body as per their comfort.
Clawfoot tubs have four claw-shaped small legs on the four sides, which will help you create a space between the ground and the base.
• Another type of freestanding bathtub is the roll-top bath, where the top edges of the tub are rolled in the outside direction, giving the edges a round shape.


Choosing the material of the bathtub

A freestanding bath can be made up of different materials, starting from ceramic to acrylic and even cast iron. Before choosing any random bathtub, make sure to study the ins and outs of each material. If you want a full bathtub, choosing the cast iron or the acrylic material will be better. For aesthetic importance, the ceramic bathtubs will work fine.



We understand that when choosing the best design of the freestanding bath, things can go wrong, and you might end up buying the worst design possible. To avoid such scenarios, pay attention to all of the above and do a little homework before going shopping.