Either that you are a family guy searching for a place to live, or that you are a college student who needs a place to stay, it doesn’t matter, you just need to find that perfect neighborhood for you. What does perfect mean?! A neighborhood that should match your lifestyle and your life-stage too. Specialists’ state that even though this might seem scary at first, if you follow certain guidelines and steps it should be easier. So, let’s discover these steps together!

First of all, you need a community that meets your demands and your budget too. There is no place for you to dream about something you can’t afford; take your time and analyze everything objectively! The most likely conclusion you’ll get – you need to compromise and be realistic!

Making sure you end up in the perfect house, firstly requires to determine if the house is situated in a good neighborhood. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the house is excelling if the location is terrible. It will ruin everything… After all, you don’t intend to move from one place to another! It’s not a hobby, is it?

You live how you choose to live!

How can you decide what is right for you? Well, it’s not that problematic as it might appear, but you have to get a clear picture of what you really need and what stands as a silly ambition. Figure out what exactly you intend doing in the future and then start scrutinizing the market. Next, once you have a list of, let’s say three neighborhoods that might work for you, then try to get a snapshot of how you’ll be living there. Which fits you better? Expose your wish list properly to your real estate agent and then take a big breath and choose!

While you may think moving is exciting at first sight, well in the end you’ll probably get to a common conclusion – ‘It’s extremely stressful!’ Here are some of the things to consider when trying to find the perfect neighborhood!great neighborhood

Steps in finding the perfect neighborhood!

Step 1 – Set your priorities

You need to have a clear picture of what matters the most for you and what things you can compromise on. Before a real estate agent can help you, firstly you need to establish what type of community might meet your requirements. For instance, do you want to live in a small community where you can have close interactions with your neighbors? Or, on the contrary, do you want to live in the city center in order to have an active nightlife? Everything depends on what you want for your new life!

Step 2 – Sketch a brief description

Once you know exactly what you want from your future neighborhood, you should clearly separate it all into small chunks and explain everything to your real estate agent. Every neighborhood has its own character and personality, so therefore you have to find the one that gets the closest to your heart.

Step 3 – Check out the amenities

Where do you mostly enjoy spending your spare time? Pubs, nightclubs or libraries? Find out what the neighborhood has to offer to you. Does it match your list of wishes? Before you move, make sure the neighborhood has everything you need to fit your daily habits. This will have a great impact on your lifestyle too! Find the neighborhood that is just right for you and don’t hurry.

Step 4 – See what transportation options you have

This too should influence your decision when choosing your neighborhood. Either that you prefer to walk to the market, or that you enjoy the comfort of your own car, you need to decide what type of transportation you want to use on your daily basis. See if the neighborhood you intend making your home has what you require, irrespective if you choose a mass transport or a workable environment…

Step 5 – Are children part of the picture?

Do you have children or do you intend to have some in the near future? Then, you should balance things wisely. Take into account the proximity to schools or kindergartens and other places you’ll need close to you. It all has to meet your needs, or you’ll get to hate the neighborhood at some point. Too many obstacles and the loss of time will get to be frustrating at some point!

Step 6 – Verify the crime rate

Ask your Realtor about the crime rate in the neighborhood or do the research yourself. A safe place both for you and your family is a must. If you want to compromise on something, then this step is one of those you shouldn’t. Safety comes first! Find your best match and think about it: no neighborhood is good for whatever buyer!ideal neighborhood

Step 7 – Make sure you have parks nearby

Anyone would like to have a park near his house to disconnect from the daily routine. Whether you want to walk the dog or just to have a romantic evening outside with your lover, it would be desirable to have a park nearby. If you haven’t seen one, then look for any sidewalks. If the sidewalks are accessible, then there is a high probability you have parks nearby. Hurray for you!

Step 8 – Search for things to do

Keep in mind that you’ll probably need something to do in your spare time, something that should make you forget about problems and daily routine. And tourist attractions are one of those miraculous solutions. Do you have what to visit? Does your neighborhood have cultural value? If yes, you’re a lucky guy/woman!

Moreover, take into account the vibe of the streets and the general ambiance of the neighborhood. Have you found what you have been looking for?

Step 9- Measure disturbing noise level

Train tracks, air traffic, buzzing streets or medical centers should be red flags for you if you want a quiet place to rest. Take a few moments and listen to the ‘voice’ of the neighborhood. Are you on the same track? If not, look for alternatives, if the first impression is not a good one, then the second one probably won’t be either.

Studies show that one of the most influencing factors in what concerns the dissatisfaction of freshly moved, neighbors is the poor quality of silence…

Step 10 – See some reviews

And finally, try to get as much information as possible. Go online, talk to your neighbors and ask your real estate agent spicy details about the environment. In short, do whatever possible to convince yourself, this is the place where you want to live for the following years.

Choosing your neighborhood is such a personal aspect. It stands as the environment where you’ll spend most of your time. See if this is the type of energy you want in your life: a hectic environment, a chilling one or one full of character?

Probably you’ll also have to think about your job location versus your house (some even say that the location of the house is equally important as the house itself), the access to shopping locations, or the quality of the recreation areas. Why? Because you’ll have to get a sense of how your life will be in this neighborhood; you need a comfortable daily life, that’s for sure! See why it should be appealing to you. These aspects will influence the quality of life you’ll have here!

Moreover, the outcome depends on how you evaluate the community and your dream house at first. As you narrow your search, every aspect should meet your demands – finding the right neighborhood will point out if your move was a success or a failure. All in all, stay away from a community with too many ‘For Sale’ signs and neighborhoods which made you a poor first-impression! Good luck!