Having a big backyard is one of the best things in the world, especially if you’re a fan of nature. Being able to drink your morning coffee and your afternoon tea surrounded by trees, grass and singing birds will make all your troubles go away. That’s exactly why people adore having an outdoor space. Although it’s autumn and a bit too late for over-the-top investments, there are still a lot of things that can be done outside. Let’s find out what the most popular trends are and how they can boost your property’s value.

Scandinavian serenity

Even if you don’t live in the northern part of Europe, you’re surely familiar with their approach to interior design. Simplicity, practicality, openness, and trendiness are just some of the terms that definite Scandinavian design. Well, the same philosophy can be transported into your outdoor space. All you need to do is add adequate furniture – white or grey wooden pieces equipped with a few warm blankets will be quite enough. Light a few candles, and you’re good to go!


Sustainable vegetation

More and more people today are willing to turn a part of their backyard into a garden. Being able to use your own vegetables for cooking is quite great and so is living close to lots and lots of colorful flowers. However, if you really want to make the best of your garden, explore sustainability. It’s a good idea to look for plants that can withhold extreme temperatures and weather conditions and, at the same time, don’t require too much maintenance. It makes much more sense to invest in perennials rather than into cultures that will last only one season.


Color, color, color

Although your garden is probably already quite vivid due to all the plants and trees, adding a few more tones to the party is never a bad idea. There are tons of ways to do so – from repainting your patio furniture to planting more flowers. But one of the most effective and least expensive ones is adding new pillows to your chairs and sofas. You can purchase these for only a couple of dollars or make your own pillow covers as a fun DIY project. Feel free to explore various patterns, shapes, sizes, and tones but don’t forget about comfort either.


Use natural materials

When designing and building your patio, you have to keep a few things in mind, curb-appeal and impact being high on that list. Trying to be sustainable and eco-friendly is important here as well, so the choices you make should be based on natural materials and, if possible, renewable or recycled resources. This means wooden furniture instead of plastic and stone patio instead of concrete. That’s the only way to make a significant change in your neighborhood and save a considerable amount of money in the process as well.


Plant some trees

Planting trees is easier than most people think and all you need is some free time and, of course, a tree. Nevertheless, this season isn’t all about planting trees but preparing your garden for them – removing all the unnecessary things so that your new trees can leaf out. In order to do so, you should carefully inspect your garden and make smart decisions. Don’t keep trees that are in danger of falling on people or those who have severe damage to the main trunk. This is something you can do on your own, but asking an experienced tree removal expert for help might be an even better idea. These people know how to approach the problem, handle tricky situations and leave your garden unharmed. Once that’s done, you can plant new trees and enjoy their company.


Some of the other trends you should explore this year include:

  • color-coordinating your pillows with your flowers
  • installing floating seats
  • going retro with your furniture
  • scattering a few pleasant scented candles all over the place

Closing note

Autumn is a very beautiful season, with an explosion of color and lots of projects in the garden. It’s also the perfect moment for smart investments. If you’re planning a spring sale, take a long, hard look at your backyard and try to see things through the eyes of a potential buyer. Is that tree in the corner about to kick the bucket? Take it down now and plant a new one instead. It will have plenty of time to grow some roots until springtime. Also, don’t forget about perennials. Most of them are better planted now so they can flower early spring.