Working with a home inspector is a must when you are in search to purchase a new property. Are you still wondering why? There is a huge list of reasons, however, the fact that a home inspector can actually give you an official opinion concerning the condition of the property is probably the most important one.

To take things differently, have you ever thought about the day the inspection takes place? What should you ask your home inspector? What are the most important questions you should get answers to? Here is a list of some of the most important questions you shouldn’t forget. These can actually give you strong reasons, whether to buy or not the property. Have a look!

Key questions for your home inspector!

  • What are the main drawbacks of the property?

home inspector questionsFirstly, you should know if there are any things that can affect you or your family here. Is your lifestyle going to be affected? This is why, one of the most important questions you should ask your home inspector is – if there are any strong defects that should prevent you from investing here! Don’t be afraid to ask your home inspector anything, even though some of the questions might seem silly. Apart from the official report, you might be lucky to get something more if you’re present during the inspection day! So, don’t miss it!

  • What do we have to do to protect the value of the property over time?

Are there any necessary investments in the future? What’s the current state of the property? Although, no one can predict the future, you can try and see if there are any compulsory upgrades that need to be done. You never know how much small things can actually cost you. So, it’s always better to ask than to be sorry!

  • How well is the house maintained?

Can you compare it with others in the area? If you’re still wondering why you should ask this – think about it – you’re buying a property that has a price tag based on other properties in the area. Remember – the price of the house is set by the market value. So, you need to figure out if compared with other similar properties in the area, the property deserves the money the sellers are asking for. If not, then you can be certain you have a strong reason to negotiate.

  • Is the home ready for new owners?

Is the house in a move-in condition? If you have just sold your house, then you probably want to move right away to save additional expenses. Thus, you need to figure out if you can move or if there are certain investments or repairs that need to be done before this.

  • Does the house present any risks? Is it safe?

Last but not least, you need to ask your home inspector if the house presents any type of risks. You need to make sure it is safe for you to call it home. Don’t try to save money from where you shouldn’t. Remember – safety comes first!

All in all, having a home inspection before buying a new property is a must! When the day comes don’t be shy to be present during the inspection and ask the questions that stress you! Make sure that what you pay is what you get!