Following the latest trends in design, art, fashion, and music makes our lives fun and worth living. But, why limit yourself to these areas? Why not do the same for our homes, to make them as grand and  trendy as possible. And the first step should be the place sorely understated, horribly underrated, but severely important – the washroom.

If you think that having a nice place is a core part of living, then we suggest you read the article below. Down there you will find the most exciting design trends to make the most out of your bathroom’s design and style.

Set the mood

Let’s start with something simple – candles. Candles are almost a cliché for bathroom ambiance, and yet, once you light them up, you will notice the difference. Scented, unscented, bone-white or a rainbow of color, it doesn’t matter. Just light them up (away from your chemical products), turn off the lights, and just soak.

Now, the design aspect here is all about where to put them. You’d be amazed by the number of sconces, the variety of holders to keep your candles useful, and looking even better.


Get in touch with nature

A little nature goes a long way. When you have some kind of plant, some kind of vegetation within your home, doesn’t it just make the place more alive? Not only will the green of the plants add some wonderful color to your home, but you will also keep the air fresher and cleaner. Adding a cactus or some succulents can make the place pop. But, you can go even further, and add some rock decor. You can make the place a bit more rugged with:

  • Wood panels
  • Rocks
  • Wicker boxes
  • Hanging plants
  • Cacti, etc.


Something seamless and minimalistic

There is room for minimalism and grandeur in today’s bathroom styles, so no need to worry about finding what you like. However, it needs to be done well. Modern bathroom minimalism isn’t all hard angles, boring and dry. Rather, it’s about curves, about being seamless.

Having your sink, sconces, mirror frame, toilet, tiles looking like they came from one huge chunk of stone or ceramic will give you that sleek and simple look.


Lighting matters

Don’t be satisfied with a simple ceiling light. Rather, get something better, something that serves an aesthetic purpose, not just a functional one. If done right, a good lighting can influence your mood, it can completely change the decor and the design of the entire bathroom.

Bathroom light fixtures should be about linearity and minimalism: hide what they should hide, while still staying warm, and clear away what they should clear away. So, maybe light strips between your walls and your dropped ceiling, or a simple mirror that has integrated lighting is what you need.


Terrazzo is not going anywhere

Terrazzo has been a staple for some time, and yet it still keeps being a part of modern bathrooms and styles. This beautiful mix of cement, stone, and marble can be used for almost everything from counters to walls and accessories. Even shower walls and ceramic sinks can all be replaced with this material.

With the right combination of color and texture, while still not being loud or overbearing, terrazzo is a mainstay for many design styles and will be like that for some time.


It’s the little things that matter

It’s always the little things that matter, the small additions, the little modifications, the accents that lead the eye wherever the designer wants it to go.

Things like getting new dispenser that match the rest of your bathroom can lead to a certain amount of added elegance. Don’t just get plastic ones from a cheap shop! The same goes for your towel rack: throw away the regular, plastic one, and go with lacquered wood or polished steel.


Champagne gold and pink

An adorable trend that is taking the home design trend by storm is the introduction of a couple of new colors. Yellow, pumpkin red, pink, and champagne are all colors that have been rarely put together before, but that build upon each other like nothing else.

You can get the entire walls painted like this, or maybe you can just stick to a couple of accents and additions.


New technology

You might scoff at the idea, but there is a whole host of additions that can switch up things in your bathroom. So, installing things like Japanese toilet seats and automatic bidets, which adjust the temperature of your seats that allow air drying and many other pleasant benefits.

Another thing you can try is getting clear glass shower walls that can fog up at a press of a button. Automatic dehumidifiers, air cleaners, voice-activated showers, and taps – all of these will help you move towards something truly unique.


Rethink your showers

Things like an open shower can make a small bathroom much more accessible to people with disabilities, and can make cleaning much easier. A large walk-in shower gives you the same feel if you have the room and the funds. Waterfall showers are a new, hip craze, as are glossy, glass showers. It’s about creating more room and space.


Elegant tiles that speak volumes

Tiles are a must when it comes to your home. And if you want to get the latest models, we suggest you go with some nice detail. The truth is that most people rarely want to see extravagant tiles and lean more toward somber designs.

We know that choosing the right tiles is never easy, but as long as you stick to the “less is more” maxim, you will be fine. Find something neutral, like grey or matte black. Maybe some nice textures. When it comes to detail, you do want “some” of it there, but not so much as to take away attention from the rest of the bathroom.


Eastern magic

You can never go wrong with adding a drop of Asia into your bathroom design. Now, of course, we understand that “Eastern” and “Asian” is a rather broad term that incorporates many, many cultures and traditions. This is a kind of celebration of them all, adding something different and beautiful to your homes. So:

  • Nice bamboo shelves
  • Wicker baskets
  • Rosewood
  • Lots of brown, green, and deep, lush wood.



Whether it’s getting a little bit of Eastern magic, a confluence of Asian styles and culture, or maybe simple sticking to open showers and elegant tiles, you can find something that can help you find the right modern design for you. Things like nice shelves, or the newest tech, going green or focusing on lighting. All of these will do wonders for your home and your well-being.