Moving can be stressful and costly even if the location to isn’t that far away. It’s difficult to pack your entire life in a truck and keep track of all the services you’re using that are tied to your home address. The stress can be reduced simply by planning ahead and preparing for the move weeks or even months in advance. Try to anticipate what you need the most on both locations. The goal is to continue your day-to-day routine even while the move is under way.


Moving is also a good excuse to purge your home from all the things that you don’t actually use and don’t plan to move with you. This should be done before packing and you should set clear rules as to what makes the cut and what doesn’t.

The purge could also be used to make a little bit of money and get to know your new neighbors. Suburbs like Northern Beaches often organize yard sales. You can use this to sell some of the old stuff and have a nice chat with the people from your area.



The right supplies could make the move much easier and better organized. It seems like a small matter, but when you start packing, you notice how breakable and fragile things can be. You can find boxes in the local stores for free if you take the time to ask around.

Other, small supplies are also handy and they tend to get overlooked. Invest in a large tape dispenser and it will keep you safe for more than one move. It’s also a good idea to get a lot of sharpies and mark every box yourself.


The movers

The movers are the most important part of the whole plan. You need to find a company that you can trust with your belongings and that can adapt to your schedule. It’s imperative that you organize the move in phases and to keep the movers informed about each phase. The things that you’re going to need for a comfortable daily routine should be moved first in order to touch base on your new location.

When you choose the movers, you should ask about the details of their services. Professional removalists in Northern Beaches can take care of the packing and storage organization for you as well.


Utilities and bills

A lot of the administration that the homeowners need to worry about is connected to your home address. These affairs tend to accumulate over the years and you probably don’t even know what institutions have your address on a file somewhere.

This is something to be sorted out as soon as you move. That way, you won’t be late on any bills or miss any important meetings that you might have to take. It’s best to start with banks because overlooking them can get you into trouble. Northern Beaches and other Sydney suburbs have a large financial industry that can accommodate your needs in this regard.



Transporting tech can be the trickiest part of all. If you love gadgets and you love to be on top of the tech trends, chances are you have a lot of sensitive items that need to be moved. The first thing to do is know how to put them back together at the new location. Take a photo of your cable setup before you unplug the devices, it will make putting them back together easier. It’s also a good idea to use several layers of crushed packing paper to make sure there aren’t any scratches on your devices.

Moving can be much less stressful if you prepare in advance and have a moving company you can trust. The goal should be to prepare both locations at once in order to save money and time.