With enough time, anyone can break into your home. Thankfully, there are methods and security products that can burglarproof it. Find out how to prevent thieves from getting away with your valuables.


All exterior doors should use solid cores so they are stronger and more resilient against forced entry. Weight makes the difference between your interior and exterior doors. A solid core exterior door will be noticeably heavier because it is denser due to the amount of material it uses in its construction.

After making sure your home has the correct type of doors, you can strengthen them by replacing the set screws for the hinges and the strike plate. 3-inch screws will be enough so the metal can grip the stud. This is a very cheap method of tremendously strengthening your door against bludgeoning and kicking attacks, which most burglars use to enter a home.



Barring your windows or bordering them up is not a very attractive solution for most homeowners. A much easier way is to use window security film. This is a clear, adhesive sheet that protects the glass from fully shattering after impact or even perforation. If lots of windows and exterior glass is what you are looking for in a home, it does not need to make you vulnerable to burglars.

Most often, this type of window protection is used for commercial storefronts to prevent smash and grab thefts, but it can also be tremendously effective in residential settings. Did you know that windows at ground level are the most likely target by burglars? Same goes for windows that can be reached through to manipulate the thumb turns of locks.



Your front door needs a strong lock that will resist drilling, lock picking, and cutting attacks. It is uncommon for a criminal to pick a lock, but the same methods that make a lock pick-resistant also help to resist bump keys, which can be a popular criminal tool.

Most burglars who target your locks will try to drill or cut them. Even a burglar that is trying to kick the door in will have difficulties if the lock is solidly constructed. Interior locks can also help to make a home burglarproof. There are several things you can do to protect your belongings during an open house. Locks will be the most effective method of keeping your valuables out of the reach of criminals.



Among the most popular smart home devices, security cameras with WiFi connectivity rank high. These allow users to view their home in real time and get alerts when the camera’s motion sensor is triggered.

It is important to remember that if you cannot respond to the threats, your camera will offer little in the way of actual protection. Hopefully, the presence of the surveillance device is enough to discourage a burglar from approaching your home. When a burglar does not shy away from the camera, you can only hope to use the footage to gather information.

Documenting the flaws burglars find in your home can help you improve your security and eventually reach a point where your home could be declared burglarproof.


Security Systems & Alarms

Smoke alarms are among the most effective fire safety measures because residents respond to them. In order for a burglar alarm and security system to prevent crime, it needs a similar response. If you use a monitored security system, whoever is being contacted to respond must do so in less time than it takes for the criminal to gain entry to the home.

The more physical security precautions you take with your home, the more time you will buy for someone to respond effectively to an alarm. Do not rely on neighbors or bystanders to intervene on behalf of your property. Even if people take notice of an alarm going off, they are unlikely to step in and prevent a burglary.

Regardless of who will respond to an alarm, make sure arrival is prompt. If no one is contacted, you are just relying on the alarm scaring off potential burglars. The most likely outcome? Criminals will attempt to perform the theft quicker. After all, there’s a time frame of around 10-20 minutes before somebody, anybody, shows up.


Consulting with Experts

A security professional will find the flaws in your current level of protection. They can perform a home risk assessment and outline particular products and strategies. Just as a professional realtor help you navigate the scams of the housing market, a professional locksmith can help you find reliable security solutions.

For example, rekeying the locks on your front doors with a more complex bitting and security pins is not something to do on your own. But it will be a much cheaper method of increasing the security of a lock without spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement.


Developing Security

Burglar proofing your home can be an overwhelming task. It can also be quite unappealing to many homeowners. The trick is to start small with inexpensive projects, such as strengthening your door. Make choices as you see fit, but never stop investing in better security for your home.