It’s not easy to shoot great photos of corporate and business events. Business people socializing at an event, well, that is not so inspiring. When you have boring pictures that says something about your brand, too. You know, people rely heavily on photos when they form opinions. If they start to believe that both your events and your business are annoying because of the quality of your pictures, then you have a problem. Keep reading and find out how to shoot better event photos.

Find those angles on time

If you want to get the best photos possible, you have to find all the right angles. That’s why you need to get there earlier and scale the place. Where will the speaker stand? Will you have issues shooting the stage because of the attendees? If so, where should you stand with the camera? Also, ask people to face the window when they pose for photos. That’s how you get the best lighting.

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Have fun with photos

Be playful, have fun with the camera. The vast majority of conference events will need a wide variety of shots of people that are there. Some of them will be spontaneous and some of them won’t. Whatever the case, set a challenge for yourself to be playful. Allow your ‘models’ to play a bit in front of the camera. Loosen them up and shoot quickly. Let them enjoy it as much as you do.

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Blend in

Okay, if it’s real estate photography, you can’t just blend in. However, when you’re shooting business events, you should show up dressed like the attendees. Get that suit out of the closet and put it on. Dressing up a bit will show your clients that you are taking them seriously and that you respect the purpose of their event. Also, you’ll get to connect with the folks there easier since they will assume you belong there.

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Natural light

Take advantage of natural lighting in your venue. If you can, don’t use a flashlight. Capture natural lighting, avoid artificial lighting and flashes. Do you know why? Because it feels fake. Unnatural light makes the images inherently feel like a staged photo. That takes the vibe out of the picture. When you need to use flash, use the off-camera flash. As said, ask your models to turn and face the windows. When you have to use flash, have them shift a bit to the side. This will also reduce red-eye in the photos.

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The settings

You have to know your settings. Know that during business events and similar events, time flies. Moments for good shots pass quickly. If you are not quick on the trigger, you will most likely miss that shot. That’s why you need to know about what your settings need to be. Even if you have to adjust, you’ll do it easily on the go when you come prepared. Read about the distinctions of photos you take of the main speaker and the ones you take of groups.

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Do not capture photos when people eat

You wouldn’t like someone to take a picture of you while you are chugging soda or chewing a burger. Right? During the vast majority of events, there are meals served for the attendees. During that time, take a break. While they are eating, you need to rest. Know that you can’t get any usable shots of people eating. On top of that, the attendees will feel uncomfortable. Don’t make them want to avoid you at the event.

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Edit & deliver fast

You have to be quick. We live in the time of social media that often serve as news sources. That’s why your photos need to be edited and delivered ASAP. Take a day to do that. Know that taking too long makes the images get a little stale. The event you shot three days ago is ‘olds’ not news anymore. Bear that in mind.
Moreover, people who hire you often expect a quick turnaround. Some won’t even mention that in the beginning but if you are too slow, they will let you know. You can rest assured that it will happen. That’s why you have to be quick.

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Photography is a complex topic. Being good at taking photos is even more complicated. And when you have to do that at corporate events, well, things can get a bit tricky. That’s why you have to go through these tips at least one more time and see where you could improve. Figure out where there is some space for improvement and then try to improve. People will remember you by the quality of the photos you shoot. Make sure that you shoot fantastic images. Oh, and you have to do that at all events.