You’re planning a home renovation, but are you going to do it all at once or spread out the project over time? Either way, you should never lose sight of the costs and amount of disruption a renovation creates. These two taken together provide the best cost-benefit analysis out there.


How will your home look after the renovation? That’s the real big question. If all the work is done in one move, you get to dictate the aesthetics and overall look of the home. Things might feel out of balance when you go room by room. However, there are also advantage of designing a house one space at a time. It can create a sense of playfulness and an eclectic look that you wouldn’t get otherwise if you did it all at once.


The disruption

Having more than a team of workers in your home at one a particular time can completely mess up your family life. This is especially the case if you can’t stand to have your daily routine thrown off the rails for long periods of time.
If chaos is what you fear, consider doing all the renovation in one swift move. That way, you can plan for the disruption and go through it once and never again (or least not for a long time).


The middle way

There’s also a middle option when it comes to renovations. You could group the projects together based on the type of work they require. For instance, consider hiring a Perth plumber or any other plumbing specialists out there and have them do the kitchen and the bathroom at the same time.
It will still feel like a disruption, but at least you’re getting two very important rooms ready and done. On the flip side, it also means that you’ll need to put more thought into planning. Create a list of similar tasks and group them by priority and finances.



Speaking of finances, how do you plan to pay for your home’s remodeling? Or for getting the property in tip-top shape after the renovation? Cleaning and landscaping cost a pretty penny. And you’ll need to pay for them more than once if you go one room at a time.
However, if you can’t do the whole thing at once, it might be better to separate it in installments even if you end up paying more in the end. That’s sometimes the only way to get things done. Have in mind that it’s a large project and that the quality of the work shouldn’t be something you save on.


The contractors

One thing to consider is to divide the project and spread it out, but not to change the contractors in this process. That way you know that the quality of the work remains the same and you’ll lose less time organizing the work. It’s best to agree on this early on with your contractor. That way you can set your schedules and agree on future work.
A home can be renovated all at once or room by room. Choosing which you’ll do is a big decision and you need to make it with all the considerations in mind.