In order to make the smartest choices on the realty market, you need to be aware of what is really true and what is not. Either that you are a buyer or a seller try to separate facts from fiction! Our world can really be a confusing place if you don’t open your eyes broadly!

When it comes to the real estate market, people tend to judge things on their own, based on common generalizations, however the reality is unfortunately a little bit more nuanced! In order not to fall into the most common traps take a look at these popular myths and go beyond them. Here is some food for thought!

Realty myths debunked!

  1. FSBO will save you thousands

FSBO or otherwise said ‘for sale by owner’ sounds attractive to many newbie sellers out there, who immediately think – this may be the best decision to save money. However, things are not quite that way! Why? Well, if you are a first-timer and you want to sell your property without too much stress, then you should think twice! There are slight chances you’ll manage to do everything on your own!

  1. Agents say anything to close the deal

Even though it is true that some agents do say exaggerated things to make everything sound appealing, let’s not generalize – not all agents are the same! It’s unfair to pull out conclusions about all professionals. In fact, agents who become top producing specialists are exactly those who care for their reputation and wouldn’t risk to lose it!

  1. Begin with your lowest offer

If you begin with the basic steps, and that is to say – understand the market and get the support of a professional, then you would agree that making only low offers doesn’t work anymore in today’s market. Those times are long past… Instead, you should better focus on getting a grip on the real value of the properties that you like and then make an appropriate offer. This will enhance your chances of success!

  1. You’ll get back everything you’ve invested

Well, in most cases you won’t get 100% of the money you chose to invest in your property along the years, and this is entirely normal. Moreover, the feeling and the time you spent in shaping the property as you personally preferred won’t come back anymore. But don’t take things too dramatically either – money come and go; focus on your asking price, if it reflects the value of your property then go for it. Don’t get overwhelmed by emotions, of course, you’ll get a part of your investment back, however, keep in mind – things also devalue in time…realty myths

  1. Don’t list a home with holiday decorations

Wrong, it’s nothing more false to take off the holiday decorations of your home, if you choose to sell the property during those holidays! We’ve already established that people look for houses all year round, so let your interested buyers see how your property looks at that time of the year, especially if you have nicely decorated it! Hint: There will always be Grinches out there who won’t agree, but as long as your photos reveal the property at that time of the year, then you can be sure you’re not doing anything wrong! Most people like holidays, and guess what? The property needs to appeal to the majority of the viewers!

Realty myths busted!

All in all, just when you think you know them all, you run into things you believe are true, however, that at the end prove to be the opposite, just fictional facts! Have you ever heard the saying – ‘too good to be true’? I bet you did, so the next time when this saying pops up in your mind in relation to the realty market, think twice! Don’t be fooled by one of these realty myths and choose to stay informed!