Selling a dream house can sometimes be extremely time-consuming and emotionally challenging as well! But, here’s the good news, there is always something that you can do! Check out these amazing tips and tricks that will save you from the habitual hustle and bustle of finding yourself a buyer!

Do’s and Don’ts when selling a dream house!

  • Compare and contrast

Take a few moments and study your direct competition – similar properties up for sale in your region. What do buyers get for the same amount of money? A larger house with plenty of other features or did you actually put a correct price?

Check out the properties that have been recently sold in your area and study local ads too! This way you’ll make sure you keep an eye on the choices buyers actually have!

  • Understand the market conditions

As some specialists state – in real estate it’s all about supply and demand! If you want to sell a house fast – you should ask the price the buyer is willing to offer you! Now, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for the house 20 years ago or how many investments you made later on, the price is only influenced by the current market! Some properties devalue in time, while others, on the contrary, grow in value!

  • Get into your buyer’s shoes

Getting that magic number that attracts serious buyers is easier to say than to do! So, setting a low price doesn’t guarantee you’ll have plenty of bidders waiting for your reply. It depends! Prepare to be rational and see from your buyers’ perspective!

The safest way to get the highest amount of money possible? Set a correct price from the start. Studying the market together with your real estate agent guarantees you’ll be able to set a dollar figure for the property. But will it be the lucky combination? A fact is certain – drawing interest from more than one single buyer favors you, the seller, anyway you take it!

  • Do the math

Upgrades can get you more, that’s for sure! However, always have in mind a strict budget! Don’t overinvest thinking that you’ll get your money back after selling the property! Study the matter before you get into it, some investments never pay off!

Now, it’s the perfect time for some realism combined with some marketing knowledge! Put a price that attracts, for instance, instead of $90,000, you could list it at $89,995. Numbers do the trick!

  • In the end, it’s all about setting a fair price

Pricing a home above the market or pricing it too low can be both disastrous mistakes. You don’t want to face the possibility to sell if for too little or scare off your clients with an exaggerated price! Less is sometimes more; you get the attention of your visitors easier!dream house

Set the right price for your dream house!

So let’s sum it all up! Even if you’re talking about a dream house, you need to be aware of this. Check out these essential Do’s and Don’ts!


  • Compare and contrast
  • Curb appeal matters
  • If necessary upgrade
  • Listen to an agent’s advice
  • Make the place look appealing


  • No personal feelings, please!
  • Don’t over-personalize the property
  • Don’t panic!
  • Don’t get offended by any offers!
  • Don’t hire any real estate agent, hire the perfect one!

So, bear in mind that if your property is over-priced, this will not only diminish the chances to get a top price for it, but it may also prevent a sale at all. Prepare for less-than-ideal scenarios and stay in the game; determine the real market value and put up a game plan based on the current conditions of the market. More than that, always remember – setting the right list price isn’t exactly a science, so arm yourself with a lot of patience too!