It’s not a novelty anymore to state that there are things that boost the value of your home, and also things that devalue it. Even though there are aspects that can hardly be changed or impossible to change at all, such as the location of the house, the neighborhood, the square footage or amenities, there are indeed things that you can do to help increase your home’s value. And guess what – this is the first step you have to take – understand the strong points of your property and its drawbacks that you can work on. After that you’ll surely get the answer to your question – How much is my house worth?

From another point of view, keep in mind that there are buyers out there with a multitude of tastes and preferences and it is not simply possible to attract them all, however, making your property appeal to a larger category of people will only increase your chances to sell it faster and for more money.

With this in mind, let’s discuss some of the aspects that will surely decrease your home’s value and, more than that, get some effective tips to solve that matter! Thus, you’ll also get the information that you need – At what price should you list your property?

Answering the question: How much is my house worth?

So how can you know the value of your property and what are the things that decrease its value? Here are the top 5 aspects that lower the value of your property! Few take this into consideration so don’t make the same mistake!

  • The crime level

If the crime level took a turn for the worse since you’ve bought this property, then don’t worry, there is a solution for this matter too! Your property most surely has other advantages that can compensate. And more than that, those buyers who get to your front door already know about this so they don’t mind that much – compromises are part of the deal and make the business going!

  • The inside décor

Old fashioned décors should be avoided at all costs. Your main goal? Make your property appeal to a larger category of people and believe it or not – not everyone likes what you once liked! Make it look presentable and get rid of the useless things. If it sounds too complicated, it’s highly advisable to get an interior designer to come and guide you. Be open-minded and ready to make changes!

  • The environmental issues

If you happened to have problems with termites or mold for instance, then make sure the problem is solved before you try to put your property on the market. Try to deal with this matter fast, unless you want to sell it at a lower price. A home inspection may reveal important info that will save you from a lot of headaches later on! This is why some even get to the conclusion – it is probably better to know about these issues now than later on…

Without a doubt, the environmental issues are some of the things that seriously devalue your home and what is worse – some owners don’t even bother to deal with them! Beware of the worst words in real estate – ‘This house is not safe for living’, you wouldn’t want to get to hear that! Deal with these serious problems before it is too late.

  • An endless to-do list

No buyer will like to inherit a long list with ‘To-dos’ when purchasing your house. Thus, it is easy to understand why a property with fewer immediate requirements is easier to sell.

Solve as many home related issues before you list it – you’ll have more interested buyers and you’ll also have the chance to raise your price too. Buyers avoid properties that are in a pristine condition, while sellers should avoid the things that get the property in that exact condition!how much is my house worth tips

  • Small details that get to be ignored

Details build the entire picture here! Check them out so that buyers won’t check them for you!

Exterior: What is the general impression someone who sees your property for the first time gets? Does it invite you in? Does it look homely? Your front entrance should look appealing, it sets the tone for the entire property!

Interior: Take every room step by step and check for dust, clutter and dirt! Make it sparkle! And always remember – The first impression is the only impression!

So, how much is my house worth? It depends on many factors, including some that you can manage. But no need to worry, your property most certainly has other positive aspects that if brought to your viewers’ attention can make the difference! Avoid some of the most common mistakes and try to handle the minuses your property has, and the expected result will immediately come… Good luck!