When moving into a new home you should tend towards perfection. Whether it is a completely new apartment or a rental you must thoroughly inspect each room. In order to be completely sure everything is top-notch, here are the things you should watch out for.

1. Check the floors

The floor is the first thing anyone notices in an apartment. Before you move in, take a look at the carpets and check if they’ve been cleaned and that they have no tears or snags. Also, make sure no pieces of rug are missing and that none of the carpets have stains or smell bad. As far as bare floors are concerned, check for any missing, damaged or scraped tiles.


2. Check the walls

Firstly, the paint should be consistent, even and without any damages. Secondly, look for any stains on the walls and if the paint is compromised with some poisonous materials. If the walls have wood panels, look for any rotten, loose boards or signs of infestation. Lastly, you should check if there are any holes or stains left behind pictures and posters the previous resident used for decoration.

3. Bathroom and kitchen

These are the two most important rooms in any home and they should be fully functional. Go to the bathroom and inspect all fixtures, from the shower to the toilet. Look under the sink and check for any dripping or leaks. Test the hot water to ensure the heater is working properly. Flush the toilet to check the plumbing and inspect for cracks on any of the fixtures, including the toilet, tub, shower, tiles and even mirrors.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, you should start with bigger appliances. Make sure the stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave etc. are in a good condition and they serve their purpose. Open and close each drawer and all the cabinets to confirm their doors work properly and if there are any musty smells. Last but not least,  check the tiles and linoleum for scrapes and cuts, and inspect the counter for any damages or burn marks.


4. Boxes and furniture

Besides the apartment itself, you should make sure none of your things are damaged. When moving the boxes or furniture, you should inspect them before and after the move. Confirm nothing is lost and you can even conduct a home inventory. If there are any damaged boxes or furniture, you must inform both the moving company and your insurance company, and immediately submit a claim. However, in order to avoid any such mishaps, you should always hire the most professional truck rental company.

5. Verify the windows

If the windows aren’t working properly, you could face a huge safety hazard. Double-check they all open and close well, and each room should have at least one window that can be opened. Also, look for any chipped glass or leaks through the windows and that there are no missing panes of glass. All of the windows should be free of mold and they all should have locks on the inside.


6. General and safety checks

After you’ve made sure that everything visible is in a good condition, you should move on to installations. Plug in your phone charger into every outlet and see if they work properly. Go through every piece of safety equipment, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and make sure they are properly installed. Also, look for a fire escape plan and familiarize yourself with it. Lastly, check for any signs of rodent or insect infestation and notify the owner to react fast if needed.

You want your new home to be safe and comfortable. That’s why it is essential to inspect the apartment and look for any irregularities. If anything is damaged or dysfunctional make sure to notify the owner or a property manager as soon as possible.