What do you do in the summer? Most people tend to spend the hottest summer months staying indoors and trying to cool down, or they make plans and travel in order to escape the heat. While summer may be the time to take things slow, relax, and enjoy the sun, it is also perfect to change your environment. You don’t have to step outside in order to enjoy the season – with these simple decorating tricks you’ll be able to bring summer into your home.

Use your fireplace

A fireplace, while handy in the winter time, can turn into a real pain when summer comes. Since there is no need for you to stoke the flames for the following several months, you can turn your old fireplace into a small work of art. Stack leftover wood there, but decorate it with candles and sea shells to create a summer vibe. You can also position candles all over it and light them in the evening to create a romantic atmosphere. Those who dream of having their own beach cottage can frame a hunk of coral and keep it in the fireplace.


Take things outside

Why should you spend all your time indoors? Summer is perfect for having pool parties, barbecue with friends and family, and lunch in the garden. You can transform your backyard or porch by hanging a chandelier with potted plants above your seating area. Make your own outdoor dining room with improvised chairs and plenty of throw pillows. If you enjoy spending time outside in the evening, you can also use old mason jars to make small lanterns which you can keep on your dining table or use them to light your patio.


Add more color

Black and white are stylish and serious, but summer is playful and cheerful, and to fully enjoy the carefree atmosphere you need to bring more vibrant colors into your home. You don’t have to paint the walls if it’s not convenient for you, but you can add an interesting mix of patterns and flowers everywhere. Get plenty of fresh flowers and keep them in brightly painted vases all over your living room, and get floral stickers you can put on your walls. Vibrant dishes are also a great way to bring in more color into your rooms, and if you want to enhance the contrast you can always lighten your light colors and at the same time darken the darker ones.


Keep the sun out

While winter months make us want to light a fire in our fireplace and wrap ourselves in blankets, in summer we appreciate the cold a bit more. You can keep the windows open during the night to let the fresh air in, but it’s wise to close them during the day to keep your home cool. Get colorful curtains or blinders to block out the sunlight during the day, and open them at dusk. New roll-up blackout blinds with stylish cut-out designs let in minimal sunlight, and they look great. You can also get a quality ceiling fan for the nursery or the dining room, and hang shells and crystals on it. Just make sure you contact professional electricians from Sydney for a proper installation so it is located in the best position for maximum cooling.


Don’t spend your time in a hurry; try to slow down and fully experience the season instead. Be cool and stay cool – swim often, drink plenty of water, and cool the interior color palette too. Explore different decorating styles and try to find the ones which you like best. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and if you are in love with summer, don’t be afraid to express that love through interior design.