Doors are one of the core elements in any home. They are the first thing you see when you arrive and the last thing you touch when leaving, and because of this they are afforded plenty of consideration from architects and designers. There are three main front door types – single, arched and double-, and each different style has its own set of characteristics that dictate how they are designed or embellished.

Color, textures, materials and decorative features like knockers, windows and letter slots all play a part in how your doors will blend into your home’s exterior, and each should be considered in their own right. Let’s take a look at some inspirational modern door designs split into each category and get some of those creative juices flowing.


Some of the boldest front doors are those which have simply been coated with a layer of distinctive paint. Think the classic red door on a brick house, or a dark blue door set against white marble. It is such a simple solution to making a door the absolute centerpiece of a home’s exterior, and a well-chosen color can add personality and style to even the blandest of doors. In modern architecture, the need for bold color might be offset by sleek or extravagant designs, but a little adventurousness can still go a long way. Here are some excellent examples.


Patterns and Textures

Unique patterns and textures are becoming more and more prevalent in modern door design.

Different materials encourage different textural embellishments, with styles ranging from faint patterns to bold textures. Techniques for implementing patterns and textures into doors has advanced from using wood grain and variegated wood cuts to create depth to modern laser-cutting techniques which opens up a plethora of options for shapes and patterns, from flowers to brilliant dotted designs. Take a look below.



Textural variety goes hand in hand with choice of material used to build a door. Every material has its own inherent textural characteristics. Glass is flat, bold and modern, whereas wood is warm and classic; metal is versatile, with treatment, fireproofing (if you require fire doors ) and ageing factors coming into play, and the option to combine materials opens up endless design possibilities. Here are some examples of gloss, glass, wood and combination doors.



Embellishment, whether practical or purely aesthetic, is the final thing to consider on a door design.

And, while generally the smallest element, it can often make the biggest impact. The options for handle styles, knockers, letter slots, numbers and ornamental hinges are practically endless, and that makes choosing what to include and what not include a bit of a challenge. The first step is whittling down what you need and how you might incorporate that into your door design and going from there. Of course, be creative but also be careful not to go over the top. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


A striking, attractive front door can make all the difference when selling your house. These are the four main categories to consider, but within them there are endless possibilities to pick and choose from. Don’t let it overwhelm you though, have some fun with your doors , mundane as they may seem.