If you’ve recently decided to sell your house, you might also be thinking of ways to improve its curb appeal. The siding and roofing of your home are often the first aspects prospective buyers notice, so investing in those areas might be the most efficient way of creating a more appealing home. To that end, here are some of the best roofing and siding ideas you could use to make your house stand out:

Replace an old roof

In case your roof is in a bad shape – missing shingles, filled with curls and cracks or even leaking – it’s imperative to replace it with new roofing. Apart from making your home look more attractive, a new roof will also be essential for the safety and security of future buyers.

There are several different roofing styles, from gable and dome roofs to flat and curved ones. When selecting the best option for your property, it’s recommended to:

  • Take the climate of your area into account
  • Prioritize practicality
  • Consider the style and architecture of your home, along with the rest of the neighborhood
  • Ensure aesthetic appeal

Make your roof stand out

When it comes to roofing, every detail contributes to the overall appearance of your home. American homeowners, for example, frequently include a skylight or a sunroof to attract prospective buyers by providing plenty of natural light and a unique feature.

Similarly, distinct chimney designs, beautiful cupolas, and creative roof decks can all instantly appeal to potential buyers. If such upgrades are too expensive for your budget, consider that even a unique shingle or tile arrangement can make your roof feel more interesting and your house that much more attractive.

Invest in roof painting

In Australia, on the other hand, property owners mainly value the efficacy of simple solutions. As long as their roofs are in good overall condition, instead of incorporating distinct features or entirely replacing their roofing, they decide to give it a much-needed refresh that instantly boosts their home’s curb appeal.

To that end, Australians will often decide on the best solutions for roof painting in Sydney, choosing to work with experienced professionals that will deliver the best possible results for their commercial properties. No matter the specific color or paint they select, experts can always guarantee a precise, durable, and high-quality finish and even perform any necessary repair work when needed.

Choose new siding and trims

The siding is arguably one of the most noticeable aspects of your home, which is why it pays to invest in it. Whether you opt for luxurious wood siding, colorful vinyl siding, or even unique metal options, make sure that the style perfectly complements the overall aesthetic of your home and its surroundings.


Exterior trims can be another great way of helping your house stand out from the rest in the neighborhood and even draw attention to any interesting architectural aspects of your home. For example, white trims paired with darker siding can give your house a more traditional feel. In comparison, darker trims combined with lighter siding highlight any beautiful architectural features.

Consider eaves and gable peaks

Adding roof overhangs can be a great way of protecting the windows, doors, and siding from outside elements. However, eave extensions can also serve as an eye-catching feature if they are painted in attractive, contrasting colors. Gable peaks can prove to be quite an attractive architectural feature that appeals to many homebuyers as well. While ornate, decorated gable peaks may be more appropriate for traditional homes, newer buildings could also benefit from some minimal gable peak designs.


There are some ways you could improve your home’s curb appeal through efficient siding and roofing solutions. Upgrading the exterior of your home might be a more costly and time-consuming endeavor, but it will surely awe future homebuyers.