Many people think of contemporary design as empty, dull and cold. However, smart contemporary designs tend to perfectly blend traditional styles with new inventions and styles in order to create a comfortable and appealing look inside your home. Here are just some of the many ways a contemporary approach can be used in your home:

Clean, simple lines

When designing a contemporary home, you should incorporate clean, simple and smooth lines. Every piece of furniture should be as simple as possible, with smooth surfaces and no carvings. The whole interior should have slim silhouettes, leaving the space bold or bare. Incorporate accessories with symmetrical shapes and clean, straight lines. In modern design geometrical shapes are very common, since they are simple and offer calm atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. The materials you can use to achieve this simplicity are clear glass, chrome, nickel and stainless steel, but you can add lots of fabrics with simpler patterns to make your home feel warmer.

Trendy lighting

The lighting fixtures you are installing in your contemporary home should be artistic and trendy. Pick stylish floor and table lamps with straight lines or introduce some colors with different shades of lighting. Also, install accent lights in the areas of your home that you want to emphasize and make your whole house bright and stylish.

Open and functional layout

home-deco-02Think about renovating your house with a more flexible style. Try an open floor plan for your kitchen, and connect it with the rest of the house. Incorporate big windows in your living room, which will unite your home with the nature, making the whole interior look bigger. Also, high ceilings can help your interior appear spacious and offer a more elegant look. Plus, with higher ceilings, you are letting enough daylight bright up your home. Additionally, the furniture has to fit perfectly in each room and be complementary to the whole design. Stay away from oversized and bulky beds and couches, tables and other pieces; lean towards simpler styles and purposes, and let every piece in your home has its function.

Clutter-free and clean

For achieving the most perfect contemporary style in your home, you need to keep it clean. Clutter and mess around the house will only bring chaos and grumpiness inside. Have a family meeting and go through everything you have in your home. All the excess clothes, furniture and other items should be thrown out. Many Sydney’s rubbish removal professionals recommend gathering everything that you do not need and recycling it. This way you are simplifying your home and contributing to the better, cleaner environment. Moreover, excess clothes, toys and furniture can be donated to those less fortunate and will make someone happy.


Smooth flooring

home-deco-01Another key element of a perfect modern look is the flooring. Floors must also be simple and smooth and you should use materials such as nude tile, wood or even vinyl. These smooth surfaces bring elegance and style into your home, and are easy to maintain and clean. However, if you do not like leaving the floors bare, you can always incorporate more fabrics by lying rugs and carpets in bold colors or with some geometrical patterns.


Simplicity is the key, but with traditional colors and some fabrics you will create you perfect contemporary home. With this clean design the whole atmosphere will become more pleasant and relaxing, making your lives much easier and your home more valuable.