Polished concrete is eye-catching for a house nowadays. With it’s sober and simple look, on walls or floors, concrete can totally change the vibe of an interior, making it a very chic option for modern design. Also, this type of flooring successfully replaces old and squeaky wooden floors or patches up construction flaws. Along with the design benefits, concrete has a lot of uses in home decoration and improvement. Here are some benefits:

Flexible design

Concrete comes in many, different colors and offers a very supple texture. Colors are mixed with the concrete paste before it being transformed into slabs that are then laid on the floors. What color does is to give concrete a smooth surface, like faux tile texture. Of course, different designs and colors can be used according to preferences.

Versatility and easy maintenance

As long as the smoothness of the polished concrete flooring is there, it is free from holes and bumps. Thus, it provides a perfect surface for a myriad of design options. Maintaining a polished concrete floor is easy, whether it has a satin finish or has been buffed to a high-gloss sheen! One thing to keep in mind is that the flooring might need some waxing every now and then although the jury is still out on this.

Lasts for longer time

This flooring needs replacing only once in a while, much more rarely than traditional wood flooring. It’s a long run flooring that saves money in your pockets. Another thing to keep in mind is that polished concrete flooring is tough to break and can deal with heavyweights without any problems.

polished concrete


This type of flooring is VOC-free, reduces dust and is mold resistant. There are few raw materials used for polished concrete flooring and more often than not, it contains recycled materials. Another very important feature is that it reflects light reducing the electricity bills by up to 30%. Also, it does not cause any harm to people, not even indirectly.

Easy to clean, allergy sensitive and less slippery

Concrete flooring can easily get clean with soap water or normal water without any liquids penetrating the floor. It also keeps away mites and other allergies, which might cause a threat to the breakage of the floor. Not to mention that a polished and smooth floor doesn’t mean it’s slippery. Quite the contrary! If done right, with the right products, a concrete interior shines like a mirror but does not pose any threat.

polished concrete

Other places to use polished concrete

There are many modern techniques where this polished concrete interior can be used in different areas of the home. Along with the floors, some other places inside the house are as follows.

1. Stairs

These stairs have tread and risers, which can be made of polished concrete and later on a different material can be used to make it non-slippery. Thus, it keeps the stairs strong.

polished concrete

2. Exteriors

Along with the interiors, polished concrete is also used in the surface of the house as in walls, to protect from excess heat and keeps the temperature inside the house warm and stable. It can also be used as an underlying texture used in the exterior of the wall.

3. Bathrooms

The polished floor and walls are made, so that helps a breathing environment inside the toilet. Moisture retaining polished concrete is used. It is used as lying inside the floor to keep it warm.

4. Work Tops and Units

As a reason for flooring, it can also be used in making worktops. The working areas can be polished with the concrete to make it mold free. Although concrete floors are fairly expensive, they present numerous benefits that can, in time, overturn the initial costs.