Buying your first home is definitely a huge challenge, therefore, in order to be positively sure you’re making the right choice, there’s a set of questions you should have an answer for.

What’s the main dream you have when you start visiting homes for sale? To see yourself as an owner and have your own place! But what questions can make your life a lot easier? You probably already know you need some tips… You’ll get your answers down below.

Hint: Only if you happen to run into the sellers during inspections, for instance, you should put them these questions, if not, it is probably better to run them through your agent. Don’t push your limits!

Clever questions to ask home sellers!

  • What’s the history of the house?

This is one of those questions that can provide essential info about the property. Find out more about the events the house went through along the time; this is definitely a plus that you can speculate! What’s more likely to hear?! How the house was maintained; major upgrades and key home issues too!

  • Did you have any surprises when moving in?

A tricky question that may reveal more than you initially expect; either that you’ll hear stories about the neighbors, odd events, personal impressions or funny aspects of the home, you’ll get to taste this one too. Pleasantly or not, the answer will be there and will point out precious info. If the ex-owners were surprised, then you’ll likely be too!

  • Were there any significant home events?

Undoubtedly, it’s essential for you to find out as much as you can about the property you’re about to move into, so don’t hesitate to put this question if you happen to have the chance. At this point, you’ll find out some of the most important things about the history of the property! What a relief…buying your first home

  • How old is the roof? Any insulation? What about the appliances – any replacements?

Some of the most important upgrades, you must be aware of when purchasing a house are the roof, the insulation and the state of the appliances. Therefore, when you’ll get the chance, try to find out more info about them! It will give you a clue for any possible future investments too.

  • What did you love the most about the house?

Every house has unique features and so does the one you have chosen to purchase, so why not get the most out of them. As a result, a smart thing to do is to let the ex-owners say what features of the house they enjoyed the most – for instance, the main terrace of the house provides excellent conditions to drink the morning coffee there, or the garden of the house is an excellent playground for children. You never know what novelties or property secrets you’ll find out.

  • Is there anything you would like me to know?

The last but not least question to ask is this one… It gives the sellers the freedom to speak openly about the property and to offer friendly tips to the new owners! It can be amazingly helpful!

Buying your first home – What to ask?

All in all, when the time comes to ask the sellers some questions, there are at least 7 last-ditch questions you should keep in mind. The more you try to find out about the property you’re moving into, the faster you’ll get accustomed to your new environment. A fact is certain, buying your first home is not an easy task! It’s a new stage that you have to be prepared for; it will surely be a huge change!