Dreams come true with an experienced real estate agent by your side!

Being a real estate agent is without a doubt a demanding job, but what about being a successful real estate agent?How much effort does it require? The answer – a lot! Even though, this seems really hard to achieve, it actually turns out to be a matter of several must-have factors: ambition, patience, work, dedication and, let us not forget about, luck as well. Therefore, you can become a successful real estate agent too! Learn more here!

But what do clients appreciate the most in a real estate agent? What are those details a real estate agent must have in order to make their clients value him/her? Here is the secret unveiled to you!

What makes a good real estate agent?

Among the most important qualities that make a good real estate agent, customers usually point out the following ones.

Let’s clear this from the early start – there is no particular order. So, are you ready?

In short, home buyers or sellers appreciate real estate agents if:

  • The agent communicates effectively

As a real estate agent, you need to have a permanent connection with your clients and keep them up to date with the state of the transaction. Communication is the secret to creating a transparent relationship with your clients, and therefore build trust!

So keep a healthy balance and make your clients feel comfortable, at the same time encourage them to express every fear they have. Offering them optimal solutions will only make them appreciate you more.

  • The agent is an expert

Most of today’s clients look for experienced real estate agents. This doesn’t mean that a beginner cannot do a great job, but some say that having an experienced real estate agent gives them a certain advantage that cannot be replaced! Truth or myth?

They need someone to support them and know for sure what to do next. Therefore, it is not out of the ordinary to hear a client say they need ‘an agent with a ready-made plan’. You gain experience in time, so don’t rush things and take everything step by step.

It’s not unusual for your clients to be frightened about making this big move, as a result ensuring a stress-free and a smooth transaction will be the bonus they have been waiting to get from you!

  • The agent is passionate about his/her job

Irrespective of the domain we are talking about, those who are passionate about what they do are those who easily get out of the crowd and easily grab the attention of prospecting clients. The high-quality of their work is noticeable. Consequently, those who thrive in this industry are only the real estate agents who are passionate about their job. So, are you too?

Like many domains, passion is paramount to attain success, and in real estate this is a nonnegotiable element!good real estate agent

  • The agent is a good counselor

Clients need guidance and recommendations, they need a professional by their side. And the real estate agent plays this part too. Being able to be there for your client when he/she needs you is essential. Remember – for them it’s like playing a blind game and you are their guide.

Top professionals in real estate eliminate the hustle and bustle of this experience for their customers, by explaining every detail and every part of the transaction. If there is transparency, worries tend to vanish and this is exactly what should matter to you!

  • The agent is tech savvy

Tech savvy agents are highly appreciated. Why? The answer is more than simple – the online environment is where their target audience is permanently connected to, therefore they need a specialist who knows how to master this domain for them too.

Remember: if the client gets a good deal, the agent gets a good deal too! So, try to always be up to date with what happens on the market! This will ensure success for you!

  • The agent is familiar with the real estate market

The multitude of procedures, techniques and secrets of the real estate market scare off customers. They need someone like you – a real estate specialist who knows every step of the process by heart, or someone who can find a solution to every obstacle that comes up.

The key element to satisfy your customers is to have your profession in the palm of your hand! Be the expert they are looking for!

  • The agent pays attention to details

Every little element of the plan matters in real estate, and clients need someone who can seize every opportunity and open each closed door.

Details do the trick in real estate, in other words details are everything in this industry. Think about it, for your customers, it’s probably one of their most important life decisions they’ll ever have to take, so you need to maximize the chances for them to be fully pleased after the transaction is over. Can you handle the pressure?

  • The agent is a good listener

Someone who listens is as important as the individual who finds a personalized solution for their problems. As a result, a successful real estate agent is someone who can dedicate their time and concern to paying attention to their customers. This is an essential ingredient of a successful business partnership.

Otherwise said, you need to listen to find out the real problems and then the perfect solution. Weigh all options and point out the key! This is what customers highly appreciate in a real estate agent – to listen to their problems.

  • The agent knows how to negotiate

Being a good negotiator in real estate is a must, there is no other way. Getting the best price for your client influences in the end the result of the entire transaction, the level of client satisfaction. Be ready to pull out the best price for your customer and the best deal!

  • The agent is client oriented

Always keep an eye on your clients! You need to support them and explain the process so that they fully understand it! Most of all, give them hope, when you face obstacles together!

  • The agent can easily adapt to every client

Each and one of us is different, so are your clients! You need to be able to handle all different personalities and characters at the same time. You need to know how to adapt. Each and one will have other ideas and other requirements too!

What do clients want from their real estate agent?

Clients need first of all a real estate expert, someone to give them suggestions and support throughout the entire transaction.

So, what do clients actually want from a real estate agent? What are the main points you have to deal with?

  • To sell/rent/buy their property fast

real esatte agent suitBe prepared because your clients will expect you to deal with their problems in a short amount of time. However, as you probably know it already – things don’t always go according to plan in real estate. Each day you have to face different situations and not one transaction is similar to the other. Explain how things will happen and make a prediction in what concerns the time. Don’t make promises that you cannot accomplish!

  • To negotiate the price

You’ll have to negotiate, that’s for sure. Let them know you’ll do everything possible to get the best deal, you are a good orator, aren’t you?

  • To put a competitive price

You know the market so you’ll estimate a price for the property. Discuss it with the owner and get to a middle solution!

  • To help them with the paperwork

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork… For them, it’s a real nightmare, for you this is a piece of cake. This is one of those key elements they hire you for! Support them and ease up the process!

  • To understand their needs

To get them the best deal possible and the best solution for their problems, you need to find out their requirements, and then do everything possible to exceed their expectations! Good luck!

  • To have a savvy marketing plan

Every case is different for you, therefore you’ll need to adapt your knowledge, relationships and plans according to your client! Get the pulse of the market and find the best solution for their needs!

  • To save them time and money in the end

As a real estate agent, you’ll first of all help your clients save both time and money. You’ll ease up the process and get a lot of weight off their shoulders!

  • To be discrete

Discretion is one of the key elements in real estate! Privacy is a must!

All in all, in order to be appreciated in real estate you need to be a genuine professional. You need passion, ambition and a lot of hard work to become successful! The rest will come naturally…