It’s not a novelty anymore that some words sell more than others. Therefore, knowing how to create a real estate listing description that sells is essential in order to increase your chances to close the deal.

But what is the real impact a great listing description has on viewers? In short, words can get people into their cars and on their way to the property! They have the power to compel the buyer to actually pay interest on one listing rather than on another one! But, let’s get deeper into the matter and discover some essential tips that can help you produce a real estate listing description that actually gets you more traffic and in the end a buyer!

6 top tips for a great real estate listing description

  • Use your space attentively

As the MLS space for description is limited, you have to use it properly! And the best way is to make use of the perfect words that get to your buyer! What is more, think about it – the difference between the right words and the almost right words can bring or break the deal!

  • Highlight unique features

Stress your description on the features that make this listing special! Don’t be repetitive, because you’ll just waste space, but most importantly, don’t exaggerate because it will make people doubt everything else too!

  • Upgrades are key issues!

If the property has recently been renovated then you should not skip this essential detail at all costs. On the contrary, build your text around this! You need compelling and intriguing info that will make people pick up their phones!

  • Choose your words attentively

real estate listingWords make the magic happen. With this in mind, you need to know the interests of your target audience and speculate them. However, be careful – no spelling or grammar mistakes are allowed at this stage! They will make buyers shy away from these listings. Hint – be careful with incomplete sentences and misspellings!

  • Words should draw a picture

Well-chosen words should complete the visual impact the listing photos have on the viewer! Otherwise said, every piece of your online effort to build an image for your listing will weigh on the end result – raise interest or not!

  • Target your audience

In order to provide the perfect product someone is willing to pay for, you need to firstly know your audience and understand their needs, requirements and lifestyle too! So, before you start composing your real estate listing description take a few moments and reflect on the perfect buyer for your property – ‘Who is likely to purchase the house?’ or ‘What features should I emphasize on?’

Master the techniques of writing a real estate listing description!

All in all, it is a general knowledge that when searching online, people usually look at photos and only afterwards at descriptions. Therefore, the way you build your description may help you or, on the contrary, may make the viewer doubt this listing and get to the next one. Why? The answer is simple – if the property let’s say is an ordinary one, and you use only superlatives while describing it, then you can be sure you are likely to lose clients instead of gaining new ones. As a result, pay attention to the way you create your listing descriptions because they can weigh more than you initially anticipate… Follow the above tips and tricks and the rest will come naturally!