This video masterpiece is ready for screening. Audiences have looked forward to us coming. Photographers have asked us when they could put the magic name up in electric lights. “Magic Property Video” is a marvelous translation of real estate glory to screen immortality. The perfect adaptation of photographic wonder.


The first 100% Technicolor real estate movie features amazing aerial videos and captivating photos of properties. Every production stage has its own status and there are 10 of them, carefully tailored to ensure an ultra-fast processing. With automatic YouTube upload and CDN servers, this magic video will be the pièce de résistance of your marketing campaign.

Step up to the box office of the nearest theater where TourWizard Videos are playing! Wherever you seat, you have the “best seats in the house” for real estate’s greatest without paying an extra dime!

One look at who’s in it and you won’t let anything keep you away!



Real estate agent ● Property Address ● Photos ● Videos ● Background music ● Visual Effects


Number of bedrooms ● Number of bathrooms ● Square footage


Brokerage information ● Transition effects ● Branded ● Unbranded

 The END

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