Real estate professional photographers using TourWizard platform can now choose to have their images enhanced and processed by a high skilled editing team. TourWizard is dedicated to making real estate business easier to manage for all its registered photographers by offering them a professional photo editing service. With this option, clients can now save hours and hours of editing and instead invest in growing their brand and business network.

Virtual tours with a human touch

The process is quite straightforward: images have to be uploaded into a gallery from where a team of photo editors can enhance and process them into a complete virtual tour in less than 24 hours. Same goes for panoramas: they will be stitched together, sharpened, cropped and perfected into a final product.

This cutting-edge system is extremely versatile when it comes to image processing: real estate photographers can edit and generate their own virtual tours or simply let image experts manage corrections and stitching. After all, even the most sophisticated photo editing software cannot work on its own – it needs a human touch.

Images sell, but virtual tours do it faster


TourWizard has put together a photo editing team that can bring the best out of every photo and make the photographer’s job easier! Every virtual tour can be embedded on a website, added to a portfolio or branded with relevant contact information.


Jennifer Donald, Project Manager


Jennifer Donald, Project Manager at TourWizard, walks us through the entire process: “After finishing a photo-shoot, the photographer heads to his computer and downloads a bunch of photos from his camera. He makes a quick selection and simply uploads them into our system. We’re talking about a maximum of 50 images, in JPG format and, preferably, Full-HD. Our skilled colleagues do their magic and, no more than 24 hours later, his virtual tour is active. Now that’s monetizing time!”

Having a management area that combines multiple accounts with financial reports, traffic trackers, activity logs and brokerage information makes TourWizard the best choice for many professional photographers.