It was a bright day in late October and the clocks were striking twelve. Anxious owls circled the Magic Tower, carrying around tours with no address. To no avail… Wizards were still down in the dungeon, busy with potions and spells, working to find a solution. Then, boom! All doors and windows flung open and out came the Master holding a giant scroll. “Each tour will have its address, from now on to a yearlong!” Instantly, a sparkling vortex swept the scroll away, interpreted the data and swooshed it in our servers which are happily buzzing to compile all clients’ requests, at the speed of light.

Every real estate virtual tour listing can now have a unique URL address and get maximum exposure in any online marketing campaign. Using a virtual tour to showcase your property is a must, but adding a property domain simplifies the search for online home buyers and guarantees an increase in sales!

When it comes to names, well, the choice is entirely yours: feel free to use the property’s address, its name, part of the description or whatever you think will help in your marketing endeavors. If the name is available, it can be yours and active within minutes. Domains on our platform are valid for one year, but you can always extend that period .

If you think this is magic, just wait and see what else we have in store for you!

Stay tuned to experience success with TourWizard!