1. People like to design their bedrooms for comfort and practicality in mind. However, you should never neglect the luxurious aspect. Having a glamorous bedroom makes sleeping in it a perfect wonder. When you’re designing your bedroom, you should always strive to make it into a comfy and attractive oasis. It’s going to do wonders for your family and potential renters. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

1. Hit the greys

Color plays a massive part in the décor of your rooms. Nowhere is this more apparent than the bedroom. You want your color scheme to match the exact aesthetic you have in mind for your bedroom. If you’re the type of person that enjoys the look of modern luxury, the choice couldn’t be more evident.

There’s nothing that screams contemporary luxury more than a grayscale color palette. People like turning their bedroom into a grey haven of interesting patterns and contrasts. You might think that grey is easy to match with other greys, but this is a common misconception. Dealing with black and white colors is harder than a regular palette. You need to have a perfect plan to turn your room into a gorgeous and relaxing contemporary space.


2. Have a standout headboard

When it comes to bedroom design, people usually put a lot of effort into making their bed match the room’s overall aesthetic. After all, you can’t say the bed isn’t all that important; it’s the namesake of the room! However, very few people take a look at the bed’s headboard. It’s a tiny detail that can make all the difference in your room’s look.

A good headboard can significantly increase the glam factor of the bedroom. If you’re aiming for an old-timey look, a carved wood headboard will make your room into an even comfier oasis. Make sure that the headboard has a notable feature that makes it stick out. A bold color or interesting cover can get the job done. You could even make it a bit bigger than expected, which would further emphasize your bed.


3. Frame the room with mirrors

If you’re wondering how to add a little glam to your room easily, a mirror might be the element you need. Mirrors have long been hailed as one of the best possible additions to any room. They give you a variety of benefits. For starters, a well-placed mirror would give the bedroom a very roomy feel. It adds a new perspective to the room and an illusion of additional space. For such a small change, it can have a huge impact on how you perceive the bedroom.

Not to mention, having a huge mirror is as luxurious as it gets. Put it in a gorgeous frame, and it’s going to bring any room to life. This is especially true for the bedroom. Imagine waking up and seeing your reflection alongside half of your gorgeous room. It’s a view that anyone would love to have.


4. Add something on the side

When you want to read a good book in your bed, you need someplace to put it away. At the same time, you might need a place to put your nightlight. What could be better than a cute little nightstand? It’s something every bedroom needs, but not every bedroom has the right kind of nightstand. Your room might need something that can give it an air of luxury.

Better yet, you might want to invest in a bedside table instead of a nightstand. It’s going to give you a lot more room to work with, and it can add a little extra glamour to the side of your bed. You can store several of your favorite books and even have a nice breakfast ready for yourself in the morning. The extra space helps with everything.


5. Pile on some pillows

There’s nothing that screams glamour and luxury quite like pillows. It’s like adding a layer of comfort on top of an already comfortable bed. You know what they say about pillows – the more, the merrier. If you aren’t sure how to make your room feel like a haven of luxury, pillows would be a safe bet.

You shouldn’t just pile on the practical pillows, either. Some decorative ones would suit the room just fine. As long as you have them match the room’s aesthetic and design, you can be sure that people will adore your soft and comfy additions.



Designing your bedroom to look luxurious isn’t as hard as you might think. All it takes is a little taste and a lot of creativity. Consider some of these ideas when you decide to decorate your room, and you’re going to love the results.