The excitement and satisfaction that follow with moving into your first apartment are great motivators to help you equip and organize this space however you see fit. Obviously, you’re probably aware of certain items that simply have to make the cut when it comes to your apartment design. In that respect, adequate furniture is a must. But, once you start living in this apartment, you don’t want to realize too late that there are other essentials that may not have been as obvious initially. Basically, certain items and appliances can make a huge difference for the comfortable lifestyle in your first apartment.

1. Bedroom essentials

Of course, if you don’t have a bed already, it’s only natural that you have to get one for yourself. After all, you can’t be sleeping on the floor. But, precisely because of that fact, the biggest apartment essentials when the bedroom is concerned include a new mattress, pillows and bedding. Even if you don’t have a bed at first, you can still use the mattress before you save up enough for the bed frame as well. In that respect, don’t waste your money on accessories and other bedroom details when your sleeping necessities are your top priority in the beginning.

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2. The right appliances

As you get used to living in your new apartment, you’ll probably going to gradually get all of the appliances that can make your life easier and more efficient. But, certain appliances should be there right from the start. For instance, top-quality washing machines are something you really have to look into the moment you start living on your own; after all, you won’t consider doing the laundry by hand, will you? You don’t have to get a drier instantly though, as this is not essential as much as a washing machine is. When the kitchen is concerned, your biggest investments should include a fridge and a stove. Later on, you can see what other appliances can also benefit you, such as a microwave, toaster, blender, and so on.

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3. Tech must-haves

Aside from appliances and adequate sleeping solution, you should definitely deal with other tech requirements for your new apartment. You might be surprised not to see living room essentials on this list, but these are not crucial right from the start. What is important however is for you to find and have installed the right package for your Internet and cable needs. You might not have a TV just yet but you probably have a laptop or computer. And if you’re working from home, proper Internet connection together with a desk and chair are obviously staples you can’t ignore for too long.

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4. Things you might not think about

Now for something that possibly hasn’t even crossed your mind due to the excitement of moving into your first apartment – there are plenty of smaller items that you’ll have to get in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. For starters, you’ll need pots and pans for the kitchen as well as plates, glasses, mugs and utensils. You can get just a couple that would satisfy just your particular needs. Furthermore, don’t forget about cleaning supplies. Cleaning agents, buckets, rags and mops are not items that you can disregard. That said, keep in mind that you’ll also need bath products, toilet paper and maybe even a new shower curtain. Not to mention that you’ll need a clothing rope for drying the clothes after washing them, a hair dryer, vacuum and possibly even an iron.

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5. Stay healthy and happy in your new place

With everything broken down into the basic essentials, let’s not forget about your health and general happiness. You have time to browse the shops, flea markets and online stores for new furniture, decorative details and other accessories, but you’ll still have to fill up your first-aid kit the moment you move in. Prescription meds, ointment for rashes and insect bites, pain and cold medication, something for allergy and cough relief, medicinal alcohol and band-aid should be safely packed and stored in your home first-aid kit. And continuing with the kit essentials, you can’t remain happy inside your home without the ability to do quick fix ups when necessary. In that respect, you’ll also need a tool kit with a hammer, screwdriver, nails and hooks.

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As you can see, when it comes to the basic of the basic, you don’t really need all that much to start off your lifestyle in a new apartment on the right note. Therefore, if you have to be very careful with your budget and you can’t buy absolutely everything at once, use this list of priorities to your advantage.