So, you are looking for a great way to make your old home design look modern, but you are not sure how and where to start from? And, on top of that, you are planning a summer house sale, so time is of the essence. Don’t worry – we have some helpful tips for you. First of all, you should consider redesigning the living room. This is the place where the whole family gathers during the day and where you welcome your guests when they come over for a visit. Needless to say, it’s paramount that you make this part of your house as comfortable as possible. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for a modern living room design.

1. Floor design

Before you start adding furniture and other necessary details you have to design your living room floors. For example, you can install hardwood floors of a light color that will match your walls. Floors look even better when decorated by a nice rug. Choosing the right carpet depends on a couple of factors. Firstly, you have to think about the amount of daily traffic in that particular room. If your answer is a lot then you should consider buying a shag carpet or a Persian one because they are extremely durable and don’t get stained easily. Additionally, while choosing the right carpet for your living room make sure to check out the ones which are made of wool since this is the kind of fabric which stays warm during winter and cool during summer.

living room

2. TV corner

Most modern homes would be incomplete without a flat screen TV. More importantly, the goal of each home design is to create a sort of focus in the room. In most cases, the focus is on the TV. For this reason, it’s important for you to decorate the TV corner. Start by placing some ornamental flowers and photos of your family next to your TV. This way you will make this part more intimate and pleasant to look at. Also, smart TVs can be connected to the Internet which means that you can watch all your favorite movies and shows with your friends and family anytime you want. So, why not turn this part of your living room into a small cinema? Additionally, cable TV is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, if you want to have the best reception, we recommend contacting experts for TV antenna installation who will help you switch to a digital alternative.

living room

3. Paint job for the living room

Getting a paint job for the living room is the most practical and affordable design solution. This way, you will be able to create any kind of atmosphere by simply choosing the right color combination. For example, you can turn your living room into a chill and creative place by painting it in light blue and turquoise nuances. More importantly, if you are truly interested in finding out which colors are an absolute hit this season, make sure to check out Pantone’s color predictions and find out which ones will help you create the perfect modern feel in your living room.

living room

4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers, just like paint jobs, can help you set the right mood in your living room. Apart from that, they can help you make a great combination of styles which will turn your dull room into a chic, modern one. For example, if your furniture is light, make sure to pick out cream or beige wallpapers. Another great thing about this design idea is that you can buy wallpapers with interesting patterns. For instance, you can opt for a cute floral wallpaper and mix a traditional look with a modern one. The possibilities are endless, so make sure to explore various wallpaper design ideas.

living room

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to create an ideal living room. All you need to do is use your imagination and the right ideas will come to you.