Buying, selling and owning property isn’t easy. It needs to be made up for potential buyers so it’ll sell faster. To achieve that, the house has to look effortlessly sophisticated. Here are some tips on how you can tweak it, so people will fall in love with it in a heartbeat:

1. Chuck out all the excess stuff

Your house needs to look homely, but not cluttered. So take out all the unnecessary items and store them in the attic or give them to someone. Potential buyers want to see the charm, not the mess. Keep the valuable possessions like photos, paintings and carpets. They make the house feel like home. But, at the same time, be careful not to throw out too many things, since that can make the house look depersonalised, which isn’t something that clients want to see the first time they come inside.

2. Make it light

It’s disheartening when you go to check the property and it turns out all dark and sombre. Not enough light gives off an unwelcoming vibe. So, (re)painting the walls pastel will transform your property. Same goes for windows. Adding airy curtains will bring light into your home. If you happen to show your home in the evening, make sure there are lamps in all the right places. Replace all the light bulbs and for extra light, add mirrors since they visually make the house bigger and lighter.

house look

3. Get rid of unpleasant smells

This one is a must since smell is a sense many of us rely on when we make choices. If you’re a smoker, no problem, just make sure to wash the curtains and aerate the rooms. In case of persistent cigarette smell, place vinegar bowls around the house for a couple of days. The vinegar will absorb the cigarette odour and your home will smell nice again. Furthermore, get a nice air freshener and spray it all over the house for even more pleasant smell.

4. Keep the right furniture

Proper furniture is essential for first impressions. You might love that worn-out armchair you’ve inherited from your granddad, but your clients will think it’s shabby, and not in a chic way. Take out all the old furniture and put them in a garage or temporarily rent a storage locker while you’re in the process of selling. Replace the old living room set with elegant leather lounge suites because leather makes everything come across sleeker. Just pay attention to incorporate it well with other furniture and decor pieces.

house looks

5. Decorate the kitchen

For many people, the  kitchen is the centre of the household. Aside from cooking, many families eat and have their meetings and discussion there. The kitchen needs to be homely, yet refined. Add tiny jars of homemade jam, mason jars with chocolate chip cookies or a fruit bowl. Visitors will automatically feel like the kitchen’s being used on a daily basis, and that contributes to a friendly atmosphere.

6. Fix and clean everything

It should be obvious, but still. Fixing broken installations, doorknobs, window frames and such will show you, the seller, in a professional light. Also, the house will look much better when everything’s in order. Keeping it clean while you’re selling is also essential since nobody wants to see dust and grime in their prospective home. If you don’t want to get bothered by wiping and mopping, hire a cleaning maid.

house look

7. Keep it professional

After you’ve taken care of everything house-related, it’s time to find a professional real estate agent. Having your house smartened-up is your part of the deal, while the agent is the one that closes deals. Hire a top-notch estate agent, even if you have to pay more. It’s an investment because clients need to be swept off their feet by the charming agent and charming house alike.