Since the beginning of time, people have been using animals for different purposes, and this human-animal connection is going on even in today’s modern world. As per data, approximately 44% of people in the UK and 65% of people in the USA have pets. However, you do not want to make any compromises to the home’s look and style. Here are some practical steps for your help:

Have durable fabrics

In your home, you have stylish furniture items with fabrics. Your pets, dog or cat, sit or sleep there with you. The claws or paws of your furry friend can make your stylish furniture get dirty/look messy or even lead to damage. So, you need to have durable fabrics for your furniture items. Opt for upholstery if you do not want to have a slipcover. Whether you choose microfiber, leather, coated cotton, wool blends, or denim, your furniture fabrics must be durable and stain-resistant. Leather is an excellent option, but it will have scratches and rips from your furry friend’s claws or paws. If you choose leather, you will have to keep the nails of your pet trimmed to make it safe from scratches or rips.

Opt for hard flooring

It is a tricky task to select pet-friendly flooring. Carpeting is a great option, as it will have no scratches from your pet’s claws or paws, but it will require frequent cleaning. You can opt for hardwood flooring, which is easy to clean but is not scratch resistant. If you do not like to have wooden flooring, you can select vinyl or laminate floorings. Go for a rug if you are serious about having a floor that is easy to clean, comfortable for your pets, and scratch-resistant. Place tiles of custom welcome mats all-around your home. You can install them on your concrete or any interior floors if you are willing to increase your budget a little. With this, you have to take out one rug tile, which has stains or dirt brought by your pets, for cleaning. Further, these rug tiles are warm and soft, making your furry friend feel comfortable.

furry friend

Designate an area for your pet

If you are serious about making the home friendly for your furry friend, create a welcome area. For this, you can create a wood structure and place a dog welcome mat, and train your dog to sit or sleep there. It will help you keep your home look clean and stylish, and your dog will feel comfortable while being there for rest/sleep.

Match the colors of fabrics or floors to your pet’s one

Whether your furry friend sits with you on sofa, bed, or sofa, it leaves its hair there. Your pet’s fur candamage the look of your furniture/floor, as you are not going to collect it all the time. To keep your home look stylish, choose the fabric or floor color that meets your pet’s color. Similar tone fabrics or floors can help you hide your pets’ left fur on the sofa or bed. And you can escape vacuuming or sweeping sometimes.

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Keep collectibles away from the reach of your pet

Whether they are designer glassware, paintings, or valuable things, you need to keep them safe from your furry friend. Your cat/dog can damage them by finding something attractive to them if you leave your collectibles. To avoid any damage, try to keep them at a high or inside the transparent cabinets.

Avoid planting attractive and small plants in and around your home

Your pets can find small plants a medium of entertainment for them and damage the attractive small plants by playing with them. If you have such plants, you will have to train your dog no to go around them. Otherwise, opt for larger plants for decorating your landscape or interiors of your home.

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Do not leave things lying here and there

If not trained well, these pets have no sound idea on how to treat household articles. They start playing them, and this only leads to things getting damaged. Except for your pet toys, try not to leave objects on the floor or a place where your pet can easily reach. Whether it is valuable or invaluable, keep the things beyond your pet’s reach.


As you can see, it’s more than possible to have a stylish and pet-friendly home. For this, you have to keep your pet’s needs in mind while constructing/buying or designing your home. You need to have a decent idea of what to do from flooring to fabric selection and creating a particular area. You can research on the Internet, visit shops selling pet-friendly accessories and consult an expert to get professional advice on how to make a pet-friendly home.