Keeping your home clean and organized often seems like an impossible mission, especially if we are talking about large families and houses with backyards. Many chores need to be done daily to develop a healthy habit, or else they will require more energy and time. Consistency is the key here, and there are numerous creative hacks and systems you can use to develop a perfect cleaning routine. Some will require a certain level of self-discipline, but if you focus on the process and progress, the results will be worth it.

Focus on large areas

When it comes to the overall appearance of your home, the first rule is to pay special attention to larger surfaces. Visual aesthetics will largely depend on the looks of your countertops, floors, windows, and tables. Even the cleanest room can look dirty if it’s cluttered. By applying the “don’t put it down, put it away” method, you will become more organized, resourceful and creative. There is no reason why your mail and keys should be on the table when you can dedicate a place for those in a drawer in the hall, for example. Also, let’s not forget about the windows. Regularly cleaning them will make the room feel and look more airy and light.


Floors and carpets

Another crucial aspect is the state of your floor, especially if covered with a carpet. Cleaning it is not an everyday task in this case, but you should at least refresh it once a week and vacuum every couple of days. On another note, carpets, drapes and curtains absorb odors. A simple trick would be to wipe them with a damp cloth soaked in water and softener. The whole room will smell nice, and your carpet will last longer! Bear in mind that there are various pollutants, germs, and bacteria lurking in the deeper layers of the carpets. It’s important to deep clean them at least several times a year with a good steaming equipment. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to work with a professional service. You will be amazed at how inexpensive the carpet cleaning in Newcastle is, for example, and how competent the results are.


Small routines for a significant change

Streamline the processes by doing things along the way as much as you can, instead of dedicating a whole day or weekend for cleaning. Try to implement a strategic approach of five to ten minutes of chores several times during the day. You will be motivated more, and probably find yourself still cleaning in the “overtime.” The less responsibility you feel, the more you will do, as you won’t feel pressured to do it all. You can even make it a game or a challenge for all family members, keeping track of how many days in a row you’ve succeeded in reaching the goal.


Cleaning appliances

Another crucial element for both health and aesthetics is the appearance of your appliances. Make it a rule to clean your stove, microwave, washing machine, etc. every time you use it. You will be surprised how little time you’ll need to do so, and you will furthermore extend the expiration date on them. Proper maintenance will genuinely do wonders, and you should look at this routine as an investment. This rule can be applied to cleaning your sink every time you wash the dishes and shower head every time you take a bath and a fridge shelf as soon as you empty it. This will cut your overall cleaning time at least in half, as there won’t ever be any accumulated grease, dirt, or soap! A pro tip – vinegar will make smooth, metallic surface spotless and shiny!



The most important thing is to remember that taking up a habit can take a while. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the benefits to fake it ‘til you make it! Read more tips and tricks online and find out about everyday household items you can use as cheaper alternatives to cleaning products. It may motivate you to experiment and look at chores as a game! If your approach is creative, you will discover many shortcuts to help you keep your home organized and clean! Just don’t forget that everything can’t be perfect all the time, and be satisfied with a healthy environment.