For those keeping up with interior design trends, 2018 will bring a world of inspiration. From classic and already familiar looks, with new twists, to trends that will completely transform your space, there’s plenty to look forward to when it comes to next year’s interior design.

1. Never enough of greenery

There’s no better way to liven up your space than by adding a touch of nature and the upcoming year will be full of greenery. Houseplants have already been implemented in interior designs, but the year 2018 will take this trend to another level. This means inspiring living walls, hanging planters and smaller green delights that will bring an energizing natural hue to your home. In 2018, greenery will dominate every room in the house.


2. Black and white will always be in style

If there’s one ultimate combination, it’s the classic black and white. Prints, patterns, accent details, entire rooms – everything looks good in black and white. The timeless value of this beautiful scheme will elevate your home design and provide you with plenty of opportunities for experimentation. From enticing pillows and chic area rugs to entire kitchens and patterned floors inspired by this combination, no two black-and-white looks are the same.


3. An artful blend of materials

There’s no need to stick to one material because the year 2018 is all about mixing and matching. Timbre and marble will emerge as one of the most popular combination, especially when it comes to flooring and benchtops in the kitchen. A blend of materials, such as velvet, metal and dark wood will create an enchanting layered look. Other materials that you can welcome into your home include gold and brass, a lush combination for an atmosphere of splendor.


4. A modern look with a vintage flair

Homes in 2018 will embrace unique looks that combine both modern and vintage styles. You can have the simplicity of the modern Scandinavian style accompanied by a touch of vintage luxury brought by eye-catching details. The key lies in balancing the old and the new and creating a harmonious look that features the best of both worlds. For a truly inspiring look, you can include bold colors and contemporary fixtures in combination with vintage furniture.


5. Furniture: bold and comfortable

Furniture is all about comfort in 2018, so get ready for some large pieces upholstered in lush, inviting materials. And the best way to create an atmosphere of comfort? Turning to different continents for inspiration. For a design statement, you can bring in a piece of furniture that exudes coziness, such as these stunning lounge suites from Sydney and pair them up with enticing throw pillows of European design. Since the interior design scene in 2018 is in favor of blending materials, why not mix and match the styles of different countries for a truly authentic visual appeal? We know that they all have at least one design element in common – comfort.


6. Automation in the bathroom

Homes will become smarter in 2018 thanks to the wonders of technology that will spread through your entire home, including the bathroom. Automation in your personal home spa will make your life so much easier. Smart toilets and motion-sensor faucets are just two of the most popular tech trends that will transform your spa into a cyber-bathroom. Not to mentions that you’ll make a step towards eco-friendliness because these improvements will slash your water consumption, as well as your bill.


The year 2018 will be about experimenting, mixing and matching and reinventing some classic looks. Above all, it will be about creating comfortable yet stylish homes that are another step closer to the greener and smarter future.