Most people wait for good weather to begin their home improvement projects, but some do not have the luxury of time. If the workload becomes overwhelming and your family requires undivided attention, you will have to work with small time windows spread across several months to keep your household in peak condition. In order to keep things manageable, start off with smaller tasks and work your way from there. Here are a few quick DIY home improvement projects for the weekend you can scratch off your list fairly easy.

Front door repaint job

First appearances matter and the front door is the first thing your guests will see when they visit. While repainting your front door can be surprisingly time-consuming, it is prudent to start with something bigger while you have the beginner’s enthusiasm. One of the best ways to go about it is to remove the door from the frame and place it in an area you have coated in plastic protection wrapping. This way, the work will go by faster as you won’t have to watch not to spill the paint all over the threshold and surrounding walls. Also, it’s the best method to repaint the door if you have a creative streak and want to do something crazy with it.


Enrich your home with a DIY art project

If your creative streak is still looking for a challenge, you can find a blank wall space or a corner in your household (or create one), and pave the way for your glorious DIY art project. To put your own unique mark on the interior design of your household, this project is long overdue. And the beauty of it is: it can be anything. If you have a penchant for painting, this is where your masterpiece can hang; or if you have just finished a crash-course in clay sculpting, purchase a stylish stand to show off the fruit of your efforts.


Clean up all the mess and remove the clutter

Here is a rather under-appreciated DIY home-improvement project that nevertheless plays a crucial role in making your home both prettier and practical. People often scoff at clutter cleaning because it seems like a job you can do anytime, but if you are truly serious about it, it can take up most of the day. Start off by taking all the useless paraphernalia out of the room and sorting it into three piles – stuff you’ll keep, things you can give away, and things that are completely useless. You’ll be surprised at the pile of useless junk. It is usually the biggest one out of three. You can contact professional rubbish removals if you want it off your hands as quickly as possible.


Green it up

Plants are the best friend of interior design – they make every home look vibrant. While some beautiful plants can be difficult to maintain, fake plants are far from a solution. They look tacky and cheap almost by rule. Thankfully, there are some home-friendly green plants that are both easy to maintain and they boost the air quality of your home. Additionally, succulents are not only awesome, they are very beautiful and exotic and they do not require a lot of water – since they store it in their thick leaves.


Reframe your mirrors

There’s a big chance your bathroom and hallway mirrors are plain rectangular surfaces that serve their purpose but look unremarkable. In order to perk up your home, you can take all the mirrors from your house and reframe them in more trendy frames. All you need is a couple of screws, some glue, and a steady pair of hands. This can be a high-risk home improvement project, but the end result pays off immensely.


These projects are not particularly hard to accomplish and the end results will look amazing. String several of these projects together for a weekend and bring dramatic changes into your household that will make it look like an interior you see in high-end catalogues. Some of the ideas might appear challenging, but they are 100% feasible as weekend DIY home improvement projects.