Sure, even the projects with ten specialists working on plans and budgeting can blow their construction budget. However, that doesn’t give you the green light to completely wing your project costs and be content with your huge expenses! There are a few points during the construction, no matter if you’re building a house or a commercial building. Here, you will learn how to spot them and correct them and have a smooth and well-budgeted construction.

Poor design

Most people who blew their construction budget regret not paying more attention to planning and designing their new project. Even though you’re impatient to start the construction, make sure you’ve made the best decisions regarding the design. Remember, it’s free to erase a wall on paper, but it can cost hundreds of dollars to remove it in real life! The design phase is also the perfect time to put in some research into materials, energy-efficiency and construction process. All of these will help you have better control of your budget and certainly bring you the best results.


Inaccurate budgeting

Having accurate (or at least, satisfactory) budgeting is the key to staying on track during your construction. If you don’t set your budget at the beginning, you’re risking underestimating the cost and going bankrupt in the middle of construction. However, no matter how many times you’ve conducted your calculations, always have some extra money in your sleeve! Surprise expenses shouldn’t come as a surprise since they almost always pop up in the most unexpected places.


Lack of monitoring

Have you ever found yourself at a store looking at something that might “improve” your project and thinking, “Let’s just get it, we have enough money!” If you’re working on building your first house or a commercial project, it’s very easy to get overexcited and forget about monitoring your expenses. However, these little (or not so little) expenses will quickly pile up and blow your budget. Pros like builders from Akura have plenty of experience with all commercial projects, know all about hidden costs and have great discipline when it comes to respecting budget and deadlines. They will deliver you the key in the end and save your company a lot of money and time that might get wasted otherwise!


Last-minute changes

As stated above, the success of your construction project greatly depends on your budget estimates. So try to stick to them as much as you can. A few last-minute changes to the design can ruin the whole thing unless you knew you were going to be indecisive!

Too much attention to aesthetics

Don’t pay too much attention to aesthetics, especially if it means taking some money away from functionality. It’s easy to improve the façade of your project, but it can be extremely costly to repair or redo the foundation, plumbing or wiring!


Breaking the deadline

You know what they say, “Time is money,” and that well-known saying is often very true in the construction business. Delays often mean hiring alternative people, paying additional interests, prolonging the storage rent, damage to materials caused by weather. Not to mention extending approvals and many more expenses that can be prevented. Even small delays can cause a domino effect and cost you extra money by the time you’re finished! Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to stay on schedule, but don’t allow yourself to get too relaxed!

All in all, try to make accurate budget estimates, hire the right people and stick to your initial plans. You’ll see that it’s possible to conduct building projects without breaking the bank! Now, start planning and budgeting—it’s never too early!