Building a new home from scratch is exciting because of all the possibilities that are laid in front of you. You can build the house of your dreams, the one that caters to all your desires and fantasies. The entire process is especially stimulating if you understand what’s at stake. The best thing would be to learn a bit about everything and nothing in too much detail. Just like a good movie director. To that end, here is a beginner’s guide to building your own house.

How to engage?

We need to address a certain issue right off the bat – no, this is not a technical instruction on how to literally build your own house. Rather a beginner’s guide on how to engage your contractors, helpers, family, and friends. That’s if you want to end up with the exact house you have always dreamed about. Now, that being said:

Get your hands dirty

Nothing communicates confidence like a personal engagement. Even though you have found the best contractors to build the house of your dreams, it’s absolutely crucial to be on site every day. For every step of the project. Get your hands dirty and help out as much as you can but don’t wait for the workers to ask for your help. Show initiative by approaching them and asking what you can do to speed things up.


Be realistic about your budget

The internet is filled with brief and clear tips for people who are building their own homes. One of the most important tips in regard to this undertaking is to be realistic about your budget. This is where most people actually falter and decide to build their own house, with their own pair of hands, even though they are not experts.

Remember, the theory is one thing – learning about basics of construction makes it sound rather manageable. But putting a theory into practice can lead to a lot of unpredictable problems and consequences. If you hire contractors, this will add between 15% and 25% to the price of your house. By yourself, you might create enough problems that require repairs and maintenance and you’ll end up spending astronomical amounts of money.

Therefore, the difference between a house costing $200,000 and $250,000 is not that steep if you are thinking about the integrity of the construction.


Do not make compromises

Once the construction has begun, try not to go back to the drawing board. If you have bought a piece of land that has some extra buildings of leftover ruins, do not compromise or build around it. If you have decided on a specific layout of your house and there are other buildings in your yard, hire efficient house demolition experts who will clear the terrain for you. Trust us, every small compromise you make today will bug you tomorrow.

Explore the internet all the time

Explore the internet for comprehensive guides before the construction and, once the construction begins, do not stop exploring. Remember, this is a collaborative effort between a lot of people – including your family and friends. You are bound to be bombarded by opinions about how things should be done. The best way to deal with this is to know exactly what you want to achieve with your own house and to be as educated and knowledgeable about the details that relate to the construction directly.


Constructing a new house is a serious undertaking and a lengthy process that includes several phases. In order to get the exact house that you want, you need to be involved, at least to an extent, in every aspect of the construction. After all, if you are building it from scratch, all chips are down and the end result is something you’ll have to commit to. If not for the rest of your days than for a significant portion of your life.