Willing to buy a home? Then, have in mind these common problems you should check out when making your home inspection for the first time. Although, a qualified home inspector is your best bet and a must at the same time, here are some of the things you should take a closer look at when visiting a property you intend to buy. Discuss with your home inspector your worries and discoveries and get an advised opinion!

First thing first – any property you might be tempted to buy has things that can be improved, upgraded or repaired. Therefore, it is to your own advantage to spot them out before signing in the papers – this can give you the opportunity to negotiate the asking price!

Top home inspection problems…

home inspection agentBuying a new property is serious business, therefore, you need to take all precautionary measures to have a general understanding of the key places that need your attention. Keep an eye on the following common house problems and you’ll be one step closer to finding your ideal home – your dream home!

  • Leaking problems

Who never had plumbing problems? Let’s be serious – everyone stumbles upon these problems. Therefore, the first thing to look at, after you have a general inspection of the house, is to see if there is any leaking underneath the sinks or around the bathroom area. Why is this so important? Think about water pressure, mold or bad smell. You wouldn’t want to have this in your new property!

  • Little storage area

Another key aspect to consider when visiting a property for the first time is to take a look at the storage area. In fact, specialists state that even though a house is in a top condition, if it’s not practical and doesn’t provide your must-haves you should have a better thought. Can you really manage with little storage area? Where will you keep all your belongings? Take some time to think about this – these small details can really affect your lifestyle!

  • Heating/cooling problems

Depending on the season you’re visiting the property make sure the heating/cooling system works properly. Is it too hot or too cold? Ask about how old they are, or if the ex-owners made any upgrades and make sure every key area of the house has such a device… In addition, have in mind the climate and make sure the house has all the appliances you need. And this takes us to the next point…

  • Old appliances

One of the things that can seriously affect your lifestyle is the quality of the appliances that you’re going to use on a daily basis. Check out the kitchen area and make sure you are aware of the things that are included in the price of the house. Note: buying new appliances may cost you a pretty penny!

  • Overall bad house condition

Signs of bad house management can be easily spotted. As a result, the only thing that you should consider is to be aware of the problems the property has, get that realistic perspective over the house before you buy it. Nobody wants bad surprises after all…

To sum it all up, there should be no surprise when stating that home inspections represent a solid reason to buy a property or not. In fact, statistics point out that a huge number of home sales fall apart due to home inspection reports.

Remember – When some deals sound too good to be true they usually are. Get a home inspection before purchasing a property!