So, you have decided to sell your house but want to make some minor improvements before listing it. One feature, in particular, might bring you some extra-points and a fast sale it you pay close attention to the details. We’re talking about the home theatre system that has entertained your family for years and will catch the eyes of future owners, too. Because, who doesn’t like to have a place where they can enjoy movies, sports games, TV shows etc.?

Let’s bring you up to speed. First, the bad news: regular TVs and sound systems are just not enough anymore. Technology has advanced so much that almost anyone can afford a superb picture and sound quality systems. Now, the good news: we have decided to help you out with a list of must-haves for every home theatre system. Sure, you can outfit yours with more gadgets, but these four are absolutely essential. And your future buyers will think exactly the same.

Nothing less than 4K

We are in 2017 now and there is no excuse to go for anything less than 4K. True, in previous years, it was hard to justify a purchase of a 4K TV, mainly because there wasn’t that much content produced in that resolution. Today, things are a lot different.

Almost every streaming platform offers a 4K resolution, movies on the blue-ray also support it, and lots of other video content is going in this direction. 4K was maybe a distant future a couple of years ago, but now it’s a reality. Additionally, as the technology progressed manufacturers have found ways to produce 4K TVs for a much lower cost, which resulted in substantial price drops. Now is the perfect time to grab one or two for your home theatre system.

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A screen for everything

Simply put, one screen is not enough. If you ever got together with your friends to watch a sports event, then you will know that not everyone wants to watch the same game. Events like the World Cup in football are a great example of this, there are two or more games playing at the same time. To maximize the experience simply install two or more TVs, so you don’t have to go back and forth between the channels.

Additionally, you can pull up a Twitter feed on one of the monitors and check what other people have to say about the game. We would like to point out one more thing when creating this multi-TV setup. It is always better to talk with the professionals when it comes to this type of jobs. Companies like Universal Home Theatre can help you come up with the perfect home theatre setup and install everything.

Superb sound systems

Now that we have covered the visual part of your home theatre system let’s talk about the audio. It is equally important as the picture, so you better be prepared to spend some money. We will not recommend anything crazy, but if you want a true home theatre experience, then you should at least get a superb sound system.

Also, if you don’t want to bother with lining all those speakers around the room, then you can opt in for a horizontal sound bar. They offer great sound quality, in some cases even surround sound, and they don’t require complex wiring to install. Simply plug it in and place it below your 4K TV.

An ultimate remote

Lastly, no home theatre would be complete without a universal remote. Today’s remotes are even more advanced than the ones from a couple of years ago. Not only will you be able to control your TVs, projectors, and run apps, but you will also have the ability to dim the lights, set the air conditioning, and practically run any appliance in the room. A great little addition for maximum comfort.