Real estate issues can often be stressful and get in the way of having the perfect home. In the following, we’ll look at how to create your dream house, learn practical tips, and form intentions for achieving your goal.

1. Start with the end in mind – why is it your dream house?

Before you start, decide what will motivate you to achieve this goal and make sure that it’s intrinsic motivation (you are doing it because YOU want to do it) rather than an irrelevant one (e.g., being applauded by your relatives). Write down a couple of ideas about how you want your dream house to look and how you plan to achieve that. And make lists, lots of lists! First of all, the vital things like the required number of bedrooms and living room. Then a list of things that would be desirable (balcony, terrace).

2. Set SMART Goals

To stay focused on your task, you need to set goals with a clear target and measurable milestones – SMART goals. These can be used for different sections of your planning process: budgeting, furniture, landscaping, etc.

3. Find your team of supporters

While you can do everything yourself, there will always be people more experienced than you who can teach you things and give advice. These people are invaluable when we are striving to get our dream house! Seek them out, get in touch with them and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come up along the way. If these people live away, there are many ways to contact them, such as using Skype or Google Hangouts.

dream house

4. Set up a routine

To achieve your dream, you’ll need to be focused on it every day – even if only for a few minutes. I suggest setting aside one hour after breakfast when you can work on something related to your project without any distractions. Invest some time into research, visualize the different areas of your house, think about how you would remodel stuff and put everything to paper. And from that, start translating things into reality, step by step. This brings me to my next point:

5. Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Even with a comfortable living room, it is still difficult to stay away from a cozy kitchen. For many people, this space is the most essential and multi-functional part of the house, so you should take the kitchen remodel with the utmost seriousness so that you do not have to deal with the consequences later. It all depends on your lifestyle. Do you work a lot and only have breakfast at home or hardly cook? Then you don’t need to install a vast number of cabinets, built-in appliances or a 12-set dishwasher, and instead of an oven, you can put a small microwave oven.

Or is it precisely the opposite? The kitchen in your family is where all family members get together to cook a lot, and festive dinners and feasts with friends are not uncommon. Then it would be best if you had a kitchen for the pros, with a lot of storage space and a large working surface. You may even need more than one sink or additional storage shelves. A lot of different equipment from an oven to a cupboard for warming dishes.

6. Keep attracting abundance

How do you want your dream vegetable garden to be? Regular, wild, mysterious? Regardless of the chosen style, each person seeks relaxation for their soul in it. Imagine a picture of a piece of paradise. What do you see? The perfection of wondrous flowers, the rustle of foliage, the sound of flowing water, a saving shadow under a spreading tree, fresh air, and the singing of amazing birds? So create your paradise! Picture it first in your head and then bring your idea to reality. Keep in mind, though, that there are only so many plant varieties that would bloom continuously throughout the summer.

dream house

7. Remember why you wanted to achieve this goal in the first place!

In my experience, when we are overwhelmed with everything that needs doing around the house, there is a genuine danger of losing the bigger picture – don’t forget why this dream is so important to you! Keep it in your thoughts and remind yourself regularly that this is what you want, and your journey towards achieving your dream home starts now.


When your dream comes true depends only on how much energy and work you put into it. Over time, you will get the results you want. When you find your dream home and move in, you will most likely look back and be grateful to everyone who helped you.