When it comes to increasing your property value, one often underestimated option is adding energy efficiency to the home. Consumers are looking for a home that not only adds value to their lives as their haven away from the world, they want to be efficient in all aspects of their energy usage.

Whether you’re researching new sustainable construction methods for a project or you want to invest in your current home, these are some great ways to add efficiency and value.

ICF Home Extensions

If you’re looking for a home with more square-footage or you need to sell a home and want to make it appealing to buyers, ICF home extensions are a great option. These additions to your home are very energy efficient and add on to the size of the house. Insulated concrete forms are very low-maintenance and add great insulation to the home itself. It is also a quicker way to add an extension to your home as these are prefabricated walls that lock into place like your favorite building blocks.These walls and extensions are also very durable and can stand up to high winds, storms, and even fire.


HVAC Zoning Options

Heating and cooling your home is one of the largest draws on your energy consumption. When you live in areas with extreme heat or cold, it can make a huge impact on your power bill. An hvac zoning system will help you to reduce wasted heating and cooling while keeping your home comfortable. What is HVAC Zoning? It is simply using dampers in the ductwork that help to heat or cool zones of your home instead of the whole place. This type of system helps out when building a net zero building or adding to your home to help with energy efficiency.


Install Solar Panels

Many homeowners are now installing solar panels or looking for homes that have them as an option to help with energy efficiency. When they are installed correctly, they can truly make an impact on your energy consumption and power bill each month. Make sure that if you choose to install these panels that you purchase instead of rent them. When you lease the panels, if you sell your home, your buyer may have to take over the lease from you. This can lead to issues when selling your home that you want to avoid.


Water System Improvements

Improving your water usage systems is another great way to increase value. Make sure to install low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets to help reduce your usage of water in the main kitchen and bathroom areas. Consider upgrading your water heater to a tankless version to give you more efficiency in your hot water needs.

Another great way to improve your water system is by using permeable paving. This paving method allows water to seep into the ground just as it would in nature. Where other paving methods allow water to sit on the surface, this prevents that from happening. Some of the benefits of this include reducing flooding issues, decrease the runoff problems, and helps to protect the waterways that are naturally around you.



These are just a few ways you can not only add more efficiency to your home but also increase the property value as well. Making these changes can truly draw in potential buyers to your home as they are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Not only will it add value to your home, it helps to improve the environment around you while keeping everyone cozy and comfortable.