Pricing a house is tricky, but more than that it’s often one of the essential factors that influences a real estate transaction. As a result, setting the right price from the start is crucial. But, how can you know for sure what is your home worth? To use price in your own advantage, you have to plan your actions wisely. So, let’s unveil some essential tips you have to take into account before listing your house!

Even though three plus two always equals five, in real estate, things might not stand exactly that way. Why? Well, a house may have several prices, as some call it: the asking price of the seller (the starting price), the amount of money a buyer is willing to offer (the buyer’s budget) and the closing price (the price that puts an end to the transaction). So, setting an attractive price for your property may mean buyers will come at your door, however, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get that exact amount of money you’re asking.

To continue, make sure you understand from the start that the price of the house is not a pure reflection of how much emotionally involved you are with it or the amount of money you have invested in it! NO! It’s all about the other guy – the buyer! So, the best way to handle things is to set your listing price having in mind your target audience! This way, instead of having a property for sale, you’ll be a happy seller!property for sale

Do you have a property for sale?

Check out these top 3 tips! It’s essential to follow them!

  • Discuss with your agent

It’s needless to state that the first thing you have to do when you want to put your property on the market is to hire an experienced real estate agent. He/she will bring their knowledge to the table and make the difference in the end for you. However, no real estate agent will demand a certain price, he/she is there only to advise.

Setting the price for your property is influenced by a variety of factors, many that you cannot anticipate if you don’t have an exact insight into the market! For instance, a CMA or a comparable market analysis that a Realtor will perform for you is essential – this will provide the necessary info to get a general glimpse of how things really are in the market you are trying to sell. So, the presence of such a professional in your transaction is a must!

  • Do your homework

‘The house is worth that much because I know it!’ No, there is no such thing in real estate. Estimating the price of your home is serious business and should have its foundation on facts! Doing your homework right can actually get you that accurate and up-to-date data you need to make an assumption. But how can you gather that precious info? The numerous number of online sites available should be your starting point – such sites provide tracking data of recently sold properties and similar ones that are currently for sale! Taking this into consideration, you can get an insight of how things work in your area; but don’t forget to call in a professional – he/she might give you an official version you may want to analyze! Set an attractive price that matches your realistic expectations!

  • Take into account the season and the location

When deciding upon the price for your property you should consider the season, the location, your target audience, but also the state of the market at that particular moment! In other words, as some say – the same property could be worth more money if it were located in another state or if the level of unemployment would be lower. So, plan your actions wisely to get the best deal on the market!

To sum it all up, setting your listing price is one of the key stages when trying to sell your property; more than that, it’s safe to say that the price will definitely influence the end result. Therefore, taking your time to get the magic numbers is crucial! Don’t hurry up things, it might just not be a smart thing to do right now! Instead, follow the above tips and tricks! It will turn out to be much easier, you’ll see!