When planning to buy a house, one of the aspects that count the most is the location. And choosing the most appropriate one is not as easy as you might initially think. There are many aspects you should take into consideration and many factors you must analyze. Therefore, understanding from the beginning the importance of a great location is primordial!

Even though you have found your dream house, if the location is not suitable for your needs, then you might get to a point and regret it. According to studies made all across the USA and Canada in 2013, the area in which the house is located counts more than the actual house for 52% of the participants.

There are several steps to be taken into consideration when choosing the location for your dream house. Here’s something that might come in handy for you!

Where do you want to live?

The success of this life upgrade depends heavily on the area you choose for your dream house. Why is it so important? If you still don’t get the clear picture, you might take into consideration that this decision will affect you both in your daily life, but also on a long-term, when you might want to resell it, for instance.

What are the influential factors? Your lifestyle, requirements and future plans, they all should be key factors when choosing the area in which you want to live. So, picking the house location can be both intriguing, but also frightening. Some might state that on this might depend your future life. Don’t panic and let’s study the matter more in depth!How to choose the location

Location, location, location

Finding your dream house is difficult, and when you’ve finally found it, you discover that the search is not over. You probably have a couple of options, but you don’t know which one would be better for you. Then choose it based on the location! Any dream house can turn into a real nightmare if the neighborhood is totally against your life principles.

From another point of view, as much as you would search, you cannot find a crystal ball that can help you decide upon the best fit for you. It’s a gamble that you must know how to play! Here are some tips:

  • Trust your instincts! If something doesn’t sound right for you, then walk away, there are more suitable options out there.
  • Get yourself a skilled real estate agent. Without an expert by your side you might get to make the wrong decisions. He/she will help you be more relaxed and therefore, relieve some of the stress level!
  • Research the market. Don’t get into an unfamiliar industry blindly. Get an idea of how things work on the real estate market, only then you can make the right decision!

How can you decide if the house is perfect for you?

Think about your present needs, but also your plans for the future and your budget! The house should meet the majority of your requirements! Moreover, you also need to select it based on a specific criteria; too many options will just work against you!

Here are the steps you should follow when choosing the location for your dream house!

Step 1: Set your priorities

Before you start your house hunting, make a plan that you can stick to. You need to have a clear picture of what are the must-have features and what are the optional ones. Some of the most common factors are: the price range and the general appearance of the house and then comes the crime rate and the noise level. Lower your expectations if you can hardly find one that suits you. Try to see the market as it is and not how you wish it were.

Draw your list of priorities, this can be your start!

Step 2: Choose the part of the country that best fits your needs

Every part of the country has different characteristics: one can offer plenty of job opportunities, while others can offer you the weather you were forever looking to enjoy. Taking into account the factors that are most important for you, choosing the location will become easier.

Step 3: Take into account your job proximity

If you already have a job offer, then of course you should make your decision based on that location. Take into account that you’ll have to travel every day to your work and back home. Don’t waste valuable time; it might get tiring at some point. One of your worst decisions is to ignore your distance from your work – you’ll probably be obliged to dramatically change something in the near future.

Step 4: Research the neighborhood

Think about all the details that might have an impact on your lifestyle. For instance, if you have a dog, see if there is a park nearby, or if you love the nightlife make sure it is close to the city center. Every little aspect can get to be troublesome at a certain point. All these small details just add up to make you decide if a certain location is or not ‘convenient’ for you! You just have to open your eyes.

Step 5: Hobbies?

After you have chosen your neighborhood, then make sure that you can practice your hobbies freely, especially if you have outdoor hobbies. Don’t sacrifice those little things that make you happy. Make sure the location of your house won’t stop you from enjoying life. You know, your physical tranquility counts much more than having a dream house – enjoy your life!

Choose the location of your next houseStep 6: Keep your family and friends close

Family and friends play a huge role in our lives, so if you want to be in a close connection with them and have an active social life, then make sure your place will be within a suitable distance. However, don’t make your decision based only on this, because they can also move sometimes, you know?

Step 7: Do neighbors count?

The type of the neighborhood has much to do with the people who live in it, therefore make sure your neighbors don’t have habits that disturb you. Ideally, you should get along with them. For instance, don’t move into a highly Cristian neighborhood if you are not a religious person. It might affect you at some point, even though this might sound awkward, you’ll feel an annoying pressure.

Step 8: Get information on transport connectivity

If you are that type of person who loves to use the public transport, then make sure, your neighborhood has everything you are looking for. Transport availability may just become a problem you’ll have to deal with on a regular basis.

Step 9: Hospitals and good schools?

Either that you are a parent or willing to become one, or that you just want to take care of every little detail, then see if your dream house is located near good schools and hospitals. At a certain point we all need them! So, it’s better to select your house based on these factors. See the neighborhood as a whole and consider its overall quality.

Step 10: Double check amenities

Think about the places that you’ll frequent often – gyms, shopping malls, cinemas or other. See if their proximity matches your desires and work out the long term potential of the location. Can you manage it? Is it a good fit?

When do you need to compromise?

There is no doubt that the setting you choose for your house will have an impact on the quality of your life. And to emphasize the issue more – think about how different neighborhoods can be within the same area. So, what should you do? Choose the one that is closest to your needs and personality! Of course, that it is almost impossible that one single house to meet all your goals at once, but see which one means more to you! It might seem daunting, but don’t scare yourself uselessly, it’s not!

Moreover, one of the aspects that should not at all be compromised is safety! Consequently, this is one of those top-list aspects that should help you make the best decision in the end! To do that, you should remain focused and most importantly have a great real estate agent by your side. They make the difference!

Once you’ve narrowed down the best matches for you, then things should look a little bit easier. Focus on the features that best fit you and on picking quality, and then voila – you’ve finally got it! Not only that you should be satisfied and contented, but you should also feel safe and financially satisfied with your deal! Fingers crossed! You’ll find it, eventually!