Selling a house is one of those life facts that the majority of us come across at a particular time in our lives. Irrespective of the reasons you are trying to sell your house too, here are some highly important facts you should be aware of.

You’ve probably heard this statement too – ‘I won’t sell it now, it’s a bad real estate market’. But, this depends from which point of view you’re seeing the matter – if it’s unfavorable for sellers, it’s perfect for buyers…

Selling a house – are you ready?

  • Price and condition influence duration

Let’s face it, one of the most important factors that influence buyers to get more in-depth info or even make an offer is the starting price. Prices sell houses! As a result, get real about pricing and let your feelings aside. Search for an expert to advise you, you know the current condition of the market is an influencing factor.

From another point of view, there is no need for us to state once more how important is the condition of the house. The condition has to reflect the asking price, as some say, they go hand in hand. Take your time and do your research, there are so many cheap solutions with a great visual impact!

  • Local trends can be your advantage

Otherwise said, turn trends into your own advantage; use them to convert your property in what everyone is looking to buy. Each market has its own tendencies and requests, so get out there and figure them out before listing your property. Discuss with your Realtor possible ways to improve your selling strategy and be ready to make changes. Remember, your goal is to make your house appeal to others not to you, personally.selling a house tips

  • Unsolved repairs will cost you big time

A word to the wise –  don’t leave visible unsolved repairs for the audience to notice. Think about it – each player of the transaction is trying to get a better price for their own case. Thus, the repairs will stand as a strong reason to heavily negotiate your asking price.  So, don’t provide free solutions for your buyers… Put yourself in their own shoes and give them what they are looking for – this is your best chance!

  • Bad odor influences the price

As much as this can take you by surprise, smelly houses always sell for less. Consequently, there is that common rule – smell, dirt and stains should not be there when the potential buyers visit your house. No matter how difficult this might appear to you, there are always solutions you could try… Selling a house has its own tricks, you know? Use candles, aroma diffusers, clean your rooms, in short make your property be cozy and homely. Hint: People are more likely to search a home rather than a house, so try to induce that feeling; it might be worth it in the end!

To sum it all up, well-maintained properties will sell faster and for more money! The more you try to get your house in a top shape condition, the better the odds to sell it faster. Selling a house might sound frightening at the beginning, however, with the right info and the right professional by your side, things will turn out much easier! Fingers crossed!