Have you heard about the so-called ‘spring selling season’? You probably did, it always comes out as the best season in real estate sales… But have you ever thought about selling your house in December or January? How brilliant is really this idea?  Well, here is some food for thought that might actually make you list your home right at the beginning of the following year…

Even though some might be tempted to say that this is a No-No period to list your property, you should think twice – winter might actually turn out to be the perfect time of the year after all.

Discuss this problem with your real estate agent and pull out the best solution for your own case. Here are some of the reasons you should take it into consideration…

Tips for selling your house!

Check out some of the reasons why selling your house in winter might be a smart thing to do!

  • Online buyers never stop searching

Home buyers purchase whenever they need it; it is not necessarily linked to any period of the year, and January, for instance, comes as a perfect solution for so many… Indeed, statistics point out that most real estate transactions are closed during springtime, but other seasons have their own advantages too. As the holidays passed and a fresh year starts, buyers begin browsing for a new house – a new year, a fresh start, a new home.

Taking this into consideration, listing your property for sale at the beginning of the year will not only help you find a buyer, but you might actually end up better off.

  • Less competition, higher chances to sell

Selling a property implies a lot of risks and trying to find the right balance between supply and demand is a wise thing to do. The conventional wisdom that spring is the only time of the year you are advised to sell does not longer apply in today’s market.

  • The right tools guarantee the perfect results

As we have agreed earlier, there are buyers out there who never stop looking for homes online. Therefore, choose wisely the tools you want to market your home with; you need to impress, that is for sure! The must-have ingredients are good quality virtual tours and impressive photos too!selling your house

  • Serious buyers, less wasted time

Think about it – those buyers who are willing to purchase this time of the year, mean serious business! If you can manage to get your house in a showing condition and make it look inviting for eager buyers, then you’re in the right spot. The only thing you need is to have a professional real estate agent by your side and to market the property efficiently – make sure you have the right virtual tour provider!

Hint: Light your fire or some fragrant candles and get a cozy blanket into the scene! The rest will come up naturally…

  • A fresh year, a new beginning

Just consider the sale options that the beginning of the New Year brings with it! Marketing now means you’ll beat your competition and you’ll no longer be one of many who sell in the spring.

In short, selling your house in winter means, first of all, beating the spring rush! Why? Well, simply think about the saturated market with both buyers and sellers out there; you don’t want to be lost among a huge number of other listings, do you? Don’t postpone the moment you list your home on the market; if it’s ready to be visited then pull out your lucky clover and take advantage of this time of the year too…