Creating a unique real estate marketing strategy for each and one of your clients is a must if you want to become a successful real estate agent. But, can you really start conceiving a different plan for each client? What is the safest route? These questions made real estate specialists think about an efficient plan to survive today’s crowded market and this is how the concept of the 5 W’s of real estate marketing appeared.

Let’s figure them out and analyze each one separately! The goal? Set achievable and clear expectations for your marketing strategy!

How to build a successful real estate marketing plan?

The basic approach of this concept is to take each of the 5 W’s and answer them before you begin planning how you’ll be advertising the property. Thus, you’ll have in mind every little detail from the start.

The five are: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Let’s take them step by step!


Who do you represent and who is your target audience? Every real estate marketing strategy should begin from here. Establish your target audience, but don’t worry if you don’t know whom to pinpoint, you’ll be able to adjust it later on. You just need a rough idea, the startup idea.


real estate marketingResearch the market and find the best way to advertise your particular property. Get as much info about the house as you can and only afterwards begin to settle down a plan and make drafts. Every property requires a different approach…


By answering this question, you should clearly get an answer linked to a specific timetable: when do you have in plan to start marketing the property? And when do you intend to introduce today’s marketing trends in this property’s own marketing plan? Either because your direct competitors already use modern marketing tools, or because you want to be with one step in front of them, you need to always be connected to trends and know the changes that happen in your market.


Where will you market the property? Try to find out the most efficient ways to promote a property and then use them to the fullest. As some say you need to become tech-savvy! More than that – think about where the property is situated and emphasize on its main advantages. In order to get the lucky card, you need to establish the key channels where you should advertise your listings. There is no short way – you just have to try them all and see what works and what not.


After answering all these questions, there is nothing for you to do besides knowing why. Otherwise said, take a step back and review the details. Thus, you’ll have the chance to see the matter from an objective point of view. Is it realistic? Have you set achievable goals?

All in all, it depends on you how you choose to organize the real estate marketing strategy and convert it from a mediocre into a successful one. You need to keep yourself updated with the market trends and adapt them to your own requirements. Always keep in mind – try to maximize the odds for every real estate transaction you’re dealing with…