Selling a house in today’s overcrowded market is not only about putting a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard and waiting for the right buyer to make you a top offer. You can be positive that there is more than that!

We all know that when we rush, things don’t exactly go according to plan! But, do you know what happens when overanxious sellers get into the game? Well, exactly – chaos! It’s undoubtedly that some of the sellers get lucky while others don’t. But, there is always a way to make sure you’re pulling the lucky trigger! Here are some of the most important mistakes you need to avoid when selling a house!

Selling a house: top 3 mistakes to avoid!

  • Constantly lowering the price

Believe it or not, even newbie buyers can notice your numerous price drops. And what does this mean? That you are desperate to sell the property fast and no one is willing to give you the money you’re asking. Guess what – you can be sure that buyers will certainly take advantage of this: they will wait until the last moment and make you a low ball offer. Why? Because they already know you’ll accept to lower even more the price.

Solution: Put the right price from the early beginning. Discuss with your real estate agent, ask for an advised opinion and research the market to see other similar property prices. Thus, you’ll know at what level the market is, at that point of the year. Hint: to sell it faster set a 10% lower price than the rest of the available properties.

  • The perfect moment to sell is… later, later, later!

Wrong! If you want to sell your property don’t waste your time uselessly trying to figure out by yourself when you should list it. The best moment to sell your house is right now! Find a good real estate agent and start devising a plan. If you decide to wait more, you’ll just be like the other thousands and thousands of owners who just do the same as you do.

Solution: The competition will always be there no matter how long you decide to wait, therefore, it’s easy to understand why so many specialists state that ‘there is no better moment to sell your house than now’.selling a house

  • List the house before it is ready!

Don’t make this all too common mistake! As you would do with a car or with a piece of clothing, you need to clean the place up before you hit the market. No one wants to see clutter all over the place or family pictures. Hint – buyers want to see themselves living there, and not you, the ex-owner.

Solution: Thoroughly clean the house before you have professionally taken photos or visitors come by. You need to let the character of the house speak for itself! Every property has something unique, a breathtaking feature, you just need to let others see it too!

Mistakes that are not allowed when selling a house

It really pays to do everything right when it comes to selling your house! The smallest mistake can cost you big time! But how can you be certain everything will go as smoothly as you wish? Hire the right real estate professional and avoid the above-mentioned home selling mistakes; the rest will work out effortlessly for you!