Working with real estate agents in an efficient manner means following some common sense rules. Even though buyers are willing to pay for a property and real estate agents can get that property for them, this doesn’t mean it will go on that smoothly! Here are some of the things that real estate agents hate the most!

Things real estate agents won’t like clients to do!

  • Make only low-ball offers

Irrespective of which side of the deal you are on, making a much too low offer is counterproductive! If the property let’s say is priced at $500,000 and the seller makes an offer of $400,000, then you can imagine the deal will never close. As much as you would like, real estate agents cannot make magic happen if you request impossible things; let’s be serious they cannot negotiate $100, 000 just because you would really want to be the owner of a particular property. The best advice – listen to them; they are there to support you; look at the properties that you can afford and make reasonable offers!

  • Request info just for the future

There are cases in which clients get a real estate agent just to gather information hoping that in two or three years’ time they’ll have the money to actually become a homeowner! Don’t do this, you can do the footwork yourself. If you begin your home search make sure you’re pre-approved and you’re ready to buy! It makes sense, right?

  • Have priorities that change constantly

Usually, buyers have a certain set of priorities for their future property, however, what can real estate agents do when priorities keep changing? Well, this can really be frustrating! It’s OK to change your initial opinion once you get the grip on things and better understand the market, however, it’s not OK to constantly change your priorities once you’re ready to purchase!

  • Be late for viewings

real estate agents tipsOnce you settle down an appointment, irrespective of the type of appointment you’ve made, you need to make all necessary efforts to get there on time, especially if we talk about visiting a potentially interesting property. Why? The reason is simple – think about the seller who struggled to get the property in shape, the seller’s agent and yours too! Time is money so don’t make people wait for you!

  • Last-minute calls!

Don’t you’ve hired a real estate agent you can call him/her at any hour of the day or of the night with any inquiry you might have! Remember – real estate agents have schedules, personal lives and other clients as well! Not everything revolves around you!

  • No research at all

Just dragging your real estate agent with you to an endless number of houses that simply don’t match your personal criteria should not be part of your plan! It’s just a matter of fact, you’ll lose both your time and your agent’s time too! The best thing to do – research the market, get a favorite neighborhood or must-have features that you won’t change from one day to another. Be prepared and have a clear view of what you need before you start visiting properties!

Things real estate agents wish you not to do!

Buying a house can really turn out to be difficult and stressful too, if you are not on the same page with your real estate agent! Therefore, in order to minimize this risk, try to avoid some of the stress-causing mistakes mentioned above! Good luck!